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Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 2)

We started this install at around 10:00 a.m. It started out easily enough, We blocked the front wheels and lifted the back end of the van and held up the axle with jack stands. 10:10 and so far so good. The next step we did was to disconnect the drive shaft from the rear end. […] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 3)

One very important step that you must do is mark everything. If you don’t mark things you will probably have to take your diff to someone to get it "setup" again. We marked the bearing caps (different marks on each side). The caps are not interchangeable so don’t cut corners by marking them the same. […] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 4)

Now its time to check the parts. If the side gears are badly worn the locker will not work. The spider gears and the block are no longer used so don’t worry about those. Now wash the case and all the reused parts in solvent and then dry them. After inspecting the gears we determined […] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 5)

Reassembly went very well and was straightforward. Thrust washer, then the gear that was in the top of the case goes into the bottom. How place a driver in and install the new shaft block and pinion shafts. Now we add the bias spring assemblies. Add the other driver, side gear, washer and shafts and […] More »

Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 6)

Clean the axle housing and mating surfaces. Make sure you get everything out of the axle housing. Metal chips can interfere with the locker. We used black rtv for our gasket seal. Just rtv the housing and then lift the 3rd member into place. Once up there put a few bolts on to hold it […] More »

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