WTF Ford NOT #1 Searched for Automotive Brand in Texas?!?

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When I think of Texas, I think of trucks. When I think of trucks, I think of Ford. Without a doubt, Ford is the best-selling truck brand in the great state of Texas. Other Ford staples sell well there, including the iconic Ford Mustang. But what do the people of Texas search for when they search for cars and trucks? Toyota.


According to our friends over at TopSpeed who complied a list of most searched for brands around the globe, the state of Texas searches more for Toyota than any other brand.

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Why could that be? Well, Toyota does sell the Camry, which is the country’s top-selling car. Also, the Tundra is built in San Antonio. But color me surprised when I saw the infographic.

My state of Ohio searched for Ford the most, and Ford’s home state, Michigan, also searched for Ford the most. That’s a big win for the brand from Dearborn, since FCA and General Motors both have homes in the mitten state.

The team at TopSpeed went further than just a state-by-state comparison, and looked at global searches. The United States as a whole followed Texas with their Toyota searching. Be sure to check out the TopSpeed page to see all of their results.

How does your state fair in the Google search competition? Let us know in the comments below or over in the forums!

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