Whoa! Ford Explorer Launches Off Ramp, Gets Insane Air

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FTE Jump

When most people think of Ford truck, they might think of a F-150 cruising down the road during the morning commute. Or maybe they think of a Ranger getting soaked in mud while off-roading, or a Bronco climbing precariously up a rocky slope while it’s chassis twists and warps. But regardless of exactly what the average person thinks of when imagining a Ford truck, we can guarantee that it doesn’t involve all four wheels of a Ford Explorer leaving the ground as the rig takes flight.

While the average person might not have this image pop into their head, this is, in fact, what today video depicts! In the clip, a Ford Explorer whips around a track and approaches a large ramp. Of course, the driver hits the gas and charges towards this obstacle, launching from it and soaring high off the ground, albeit only for a few seconds.

Of course, what goes up must come down! And the impact isn’t the prettiest, as the vehicles bounces one and seems to destroy the front right tire as it collides with the ground. The driver hits the brakes after a moment and the crowd goes wild, but who wouldn’t love a leap like that?

Check out the video below and see this Explorer get sky high!

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