This Vintage Bronco Desert Racer is a Dream Come True!

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Our love for early edition Ford Broncos isn’t exactly a secret. Popular since their inception, they continue to build an almost cult-like following — and rightfully so. But this particular one, is like a dream come true!

Among the legions of admirers for the classic Bronco, is one automotive journalist named, Jason Harper of, who took this badass 60’s Bronco for an adventurous ride into the hot and arid Anza Borrego desert, outside of San Diego, California.

Boyd Jaynes owns this vintage Bronco, a beautiful piece of machinery made in 1968. Seven years ago he transformed it into a full-on desert racing rig, and for that — we thank him. This mean off-roading machine is fully equipped with racing seats with five-point harnesses, a life-saving roll-cage, and a heavy-duty fuel cell. It does have a front windshield, but that doesn’t stop all the elements from swirling into the bare-bones cabin.


The engine is a 351 Cleveland V8, which originally came with the truck and has barely been touched since. “There’s just enough power in the engine to get in trouble, but not enough to break the truck,” said Jaynes.

Caballo Del Diablo (the Devil’s horse) is the name of this rig and it’s won best of class in the “Pioneer” class of the NORRA Mexican 1000 a whopping three times, including last year. It’s also netted a third and fourth in previous years. When it comes to vintage desert racing, this little Bronco is more than capable.


Boyd didn’t keep secret the real reason for this truck. “It all started out as an excuse for me and my buddies to drive down to Cabo, drink lots of beer, and get away from the wives and girlfriends.”

Sounds like the perfect excuse to go hopping around the dessert to me. Anyone else going online to find their dream Bronco?

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Story & Photos via: [R&T]

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