TRUCK YOU! Glorious 1952 F-1 with a Flathead V8

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1952 Ford F-1

Ford truck enthusiast ALBUQ F-1 (A.K.A. Ross) has been a member of our wonderful website since 2004, and has more to show for it than a ton of posts and time spent browsing the forum!

Sitting in his garage is one glorious Ford: A 1952 Ford F-1. Ross has been working on and improving this truck for nearly ten years now, and it certainly shows!

Powered by a 239 ci Flathead V8 and sporting a three-on-the-tree, this rig boasts some genuine character that only a Ford really can.

1952 Ford F-1


Ross is obviously quite proud of his rare and interesting engine, considering that the license plate reads “FLAT V8” on the yellow, New Mexican background.

Painted a bright and clean sky blue and running on a wonderful set of Goodyear tires, this ’50s icon is one worth grinning over. After all, one doesn’t see a truck like this every day! (Well, Ross probably does!)

1952 Ford F-1

Equipped with Red’s headers, a Rochester 2G, and more, this truck does an excellent job claiming the road. It’s wonderful to see an authentic fifties Ford powering through the world again! Go drop by Ross’s garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time!

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