TOTAL RECALL 2015 Ford F-150 Adaptive Cruise Control Issue

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Do you own a loaded-up 2015 F-150 and have the company’s adaptive cruise control? If so, you might just be the subject of one of the latest recalls ordered out of Dearborn. A total of 36,857 vehicles might be affected, so if you have adaptive cruise you might want to check with your dealership.

According to Ford, there might be one accident related to the failure of the system, but no injuries or death. Basically, if you’re passing a shiny truck the radar cruise might see that truck as something being in the lane in front of the F-150. The F-150 would then, in that situation, apply the brakes and trigger the collision alert warning. This could eventually occur until the shiny truck is out of range of the adaptive cruise control sensors.


Obviously, randomly slamming on the brakes is a bad thing, and can cause a rear-end collision. Ford’s solution is a software update to the adaptive cruise control module, and will be performed free of charge at your local Ford dealership.

I always wondered if these systems ever got confused. Apparently, in some isolated cases, they do.

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