Top removal for 1980 – 1996 Broncos

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By Ken Pauley

The tools you will need:

Ratchet w/ 3" Extention
Phillips head screwdriver
Something to pry up the trim tabs
1 Tamper-Proof (Inverted) T-40 Torx Bit & T-55 or 60 Standard Torx Bit.
About 30 Minutes time
A helper or Top Removal Jig


Start by removing the trim pieces that are screwed into the roof
The rear crap collectors work great for storing the screws.
Next, snap off the plastic tabs holding on the trim pieces in the rear and remove the trim pieces
When you get to the trim pieces in the rear, pull them twards the rear window opening. They are being held on by some nylon tabs.

Start removing the bolts holding the shell on. This is where you will need to use the Tamper Proof T-40 torx bit. If you get into a bind, and can only get your hands on a T-30 that will work too, just be careful. As you can see i have already retrofitted the Shell bolts to more friendly ones.

If you also want to change out the bolts here is what you will have to look for:

5 8x70mm 1.5 Pitch Metric Bolts

12 8x45mm 1.5 Pitch Metric Bolts

Once again the side crap collectors are great for storing your hardware…
Under the driver’s side rear trim pannel is the plug for the dome light and 3rd brake light. Pull the plug assembly away from the frame by wiggling it up and down, this way you can re-use the nylon keeper and not have it rattle when you put the top back on.
Normally to pull the plug out is a three hand job, but if you break one of the side clips off it is very easy to pull the plug apart.
Now you will have to pull out your T-60 Torx bit to take off the seatbelt anchor, IIf you do not have a T-60 avalible a T-50 will work too.
Remove the top seatbelt anchor…
And stow it into the side crap collectors.

Ok, now with the shell completely free of hardware, bump the shell up and backso these pins are free of the body.

Now, you and a buddy will remove the shell off of the back of the Bronco, be careful the shell weighs around 120lbs., is rear heavy and very akward. When you set the shell down set it on 4 4x4s to help preserve the weatherstripping.

Now with a small screwdriver push in the mounting nut keepers, these things are very easilly lost and not all of them were properly pushed in by the factory.

Last but not least pull the weatherstripping off the top of the cab, and store it with the shell.

Another tip is to get some edge molding for the rather sharp edge the top of the cab has. This stuff is avalible at most Industrial hardware stores.

Now its time to turn up the radio and enjoy the sun!

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