Tire Smokin’ Diesel F-250 Creates All Sorts of Smoke

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f250 burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a well-produced piece with a diesel Ford F-250 smoking an old set of tires while thick black diesel smoke pours from the single exhaust stack.

The details on this Ford F-250 are very short, but we can see that it clearly has aftermarket exhaust, aftermarket rims wrapped in meaty tires and, if I had to bet, I would guess that it has some other performance upgrades.

In any case, we get to watch this F-250 do a few burnouts with cameras mounted all around the truck. One burnout is performed on a bridge along a dirt road while the other takes place in a paved road. The burnout on the dirt road is confined to the bridge, but the burnout on the paved road ends in a long set of stripes being painted on the asphalt as the truck speeds off into the distance.

In addition to some slow motion, we also get to see some unusual reverse motion, giving us an interesting perspective of the Ford F-250 burnout.


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