Throwback Video: The 1986 Ford Bronco II is Designed for Everyone

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This week’s Throwback video takes us back to 1986, when Ford was advertising the new Bronco II as the ideal small sport utility vehicle for everyone with an active lifestyle.

The commercial shows the Bronco II being enjoyed by all sorts of people – including those who spend time in private jets, people who go offroading, people who go to the beach, people who go antiquing, people who tow boats, people who like to drive in the snow, people who enjoying fishing and people who own horses. That is a pretty elaborate list of people in their target audience, but when you consider the fact that the Bronco II essentially introduced Americans to the uber popular compact SUV – perhaps Ford was right.

At this point, the 1986 Ford Bronco II would be similar to the Ford Escape, which is one of the most popular small SUVs in the US market. The Escape has a very wide appeal, which Ford predicted back in 1986.

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