The first tuner for the new Ford 6.7 diesel engine hits the streets

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Bully Dog Technologies is known for being First to Market with new vehicle
applications and the new 6.7 Ford is no different. The new Ford 6.7 diesel
engine (named the Scorpion) is hitting the streets even as you read this –
months before anyone said it would be possible.

The new Ford
application will be available on the Triple Dog GT line of product manufactured
and released after 11/16/2010. This new application is producing amazing
horsepower and torque increases resulting in legal power as the GT does not
bypass the DPF filter. “What our engineers have done here is simply amazing”
states Daryl Klassen, COO of Bully
Dog Technologies, “The power increases are very impressive and the tuning is
second to none, especially when you consider that no one else in the
marketplace is even close to releasing a product for the new Ford diesel.”

As mentioned earlier
the new Triple Dog GT Diesel products will be hitting the streets any day now.
The earlier versions of the popular GT will have to wait for the Ford 6.7
application release as new internal product hardware was required for the
application. The older GT product will be able to be updated around December 15th.

Take advantage of this
limited window of opportunity to start selling the new 6.7 Ford before the
update is available to anyone else. Contact your Bully Dog representative to
get your order placed today.

For more information contact
your distributor or Bully Dog today at

Bully Dog Technologies, LLC is a team built on integrity that is dedicated
to leading the vehicle performance with an uncompromising code of ethics
demonstrated in the soundness of its employees, excellent customer service and
superior products.

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