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RAPTOR REPORT Check Out the Shelby Baja 700 In Action!

The most badass Raptor you can currently buy is the Shelby Baja 700. Making an insane 700 horsepower from a supercharged 6.2L V8 is just plain awesome. Now, check out this video of the dream truck in action.

  Comments | By - April 29, 2015

RAPTOR REPORT Shelby Prepares Baja 700 Raptor Farewell

New F-150 Raptors aren’t being produced, since the entire plant is now making 2015 models. Even though the Rouge plant won’t be churning out new Raptors until the 2017 model year, that truck is going to be dramatically different than the past.

  Comments | By - April 13, 2015