Super Duty Slotted Disk Brake Upgrade – Part II

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(This is part two of a two part article. For part one click here.)

Before installing the Hawk LTS pads into the caliper bracket be sure to coat the backing plates of the pads using Disc Brake Quiet or something similar.

While waiting for the Disc Brake Quiet to get tacky, carefully push the pistons back into the caliper without damaging the rubber boots and them clean off the face of the pistons and the entire caliper.

Now everything is ready to install the pads into the caliper bracket and install the two springs that go between them (the springs will want to push the pads out, so be sure to hold onto them and be ready to go onto the next step).

With the pads in the bracket and the springs between them, reinstall the caliper and bolt
it to the caliper bracket. Again, tighten by hand and be sure to tighten to factory specs.

With the front complete it’s time to move onto the rear. Make sure that the Parking Brake is NOT engaged.

Again, start by removing the caliper that is held in by two bolts to the caliper bracket.

Next, remove the pads and the caliper bracket.

With the caliper and the caliper bracket removed, remove the rotor. It may be necessary to spray the area down with PB Blaster around the hub and strike the backside with a dead blow hammer while rotating the rotor to break it free. Once it breaks free, pull it straight off.

And now it’s time for the reassembly of the rear with the Power Slot Cryo Rotors and Hawk LTS Pads. Slide the Power Slot Rotor onto the wheel hub and reinstall the caliper bracket after verifying that the caliper pin slides are freely moving and lubed. Be sure to tighten using hand tools and torque to factory specs.

As was done on the front of the truck, coat the backing plates of the rear pads with Disc Brake Quiet.

While waiting for the Disc Brake Quiet to get tacky, push the pistons back into the caliper while being careful not to damage the rubber boots.

Install the Hawk LTS rear pads into the caliper bracket and reinstall the caliper. Be sure to tighten using hand tools and torque to factory specs.

With all four corners done, it was time to put the tire/wheel combo back on and lower the truck back down to the ground.

Now that the truck is down and drivable it’s time to start the break-in procedure that is stated by Power Slot. The bedding in of the new Power Slot system is the most important part of the job. When reassembly is completed, seat brake pads and establish pedal height by depressing the pedal several times before driving.

In order to assure maximum life and brake pad performance the system should frequently be heated cycled. Prolonged, excessive, heat during the bedding process can dramatically affect the performance of the Power Slot system. For best results make 6-10 stops from 35 to 5mph applying moderate pressure. When brakes cool make another 2-3 hard stops from 50 to 10mphalways keeping the vehicle moving. Next, the system should be cycled by firmly applying brake pressure to produce heat in the system, but only for short periods of time. Allow the system to cool and repeat the process. This will begin the tempering process. Avoid excessive or high speed braking until the new system has seated in. This will take you approximately 200 to 500 miles. Not following the break-in procedure will severely affect how the new Power Slot system will function.

Pretty much immediately, while doing the break-in process to the Power Slot system a definite improvement over stock can be felt. The Power Slot system really shines under moderate to heavy braking. The Power Slot Cryo Rotors and Hawk LTS pads work amazing together to bring the 8200lb+ truck on 38″ tires to a stop in a hurry. Unlike stock rotors and pads that start to fade when they heat up, the Power Slot system seems to actually bite harder as it gets hotter. And added bonus to the system is that the Power Slot Rotors look much better than the stockers, this is great for people who run spoke type wheels like the ones on this truck where the rotor can be seen with the wheel on.

Special thanks to Edwin at Power Slot and Mark Craig at DPPI

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