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Ford’s advanced new in-vehicle system – MyFord Touch™ – can coach drivers to get more miles to the gallon and save on fuel costs. But in addition to that, MyFord Touch’s map-based navigation system, offers an Eco-Route option that quickly calculates the most fuel efficient route a driver can take to get from point A to point B. Jennifer Brace-Mezigian (Mah-zig-ee’n), Ford Motor Company’s user interface design engineer, says the system gives the driver three options.

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Cut #1: "The system now has three options for people to choose, the can choose the shortest route, the fastest route, or the Eco-Route, shortest and fastest are pretty self explanatory, but the Eco-Route is actually going to calculate the most fuel efficient route. So there are time when they actually match one of the other routes it might be the same as your shortest and your fastest route." :20 sec.
  According to Mezigian, the system will change your route for the better.
Cut #2: "It’s going to take you over different road surfaces possibly, the system can take into account the road speeds and the historical traffic data to decide which route is going to save you the most fuel." :11 sec.
  Mezigian identified the Ford vehicles that will have the MyFord touch Eco-Route option.
Cut #3: "This is going to be coming out with MyFord Touch, which is going to be the 2011 Ford Edge, the 2011 MKX, followed by the 2012 Focus." :08 sec.
  Typically, Eco-Route charts a course that avoids congested freeways while maximizing the use of major roads where the driver can maintain an efficient rate of speed, and according to European Ford engineers, when tested, they achieved up to 15 percent improvement in fuel economy using the Eco-Route.
Cut #4: "Everybody cares about fuel efficiency, we’re finding that it’s not just Hybrid owners that want to have better fuel economy anymore, everybody wants it. Gas prices are always going up as summer gets here, you’re driving more, the prices are going up you’re paying more attention to it, so being able to save some money at the pump is going to be worth it." :17 sec.
  According to Mezigian, the Eco-Route technology comes with the MyFord Touch system.
Cut #5: "As long as you have the navigation system, you will have Eco-Route as an option." :04 sec.
  According to Mezigian, MyFord Touch not only gives drivers information they can use it improves their driving habits and the system is user friendly.
Cut #6: "It’s very simple to use, so when you set-up a navigation destination you’re going to have the option to choose between the three different routes. So in order to start your route you’re going to have to choose one of the three, either fastest, shortest or Eco-Route, so it’s already right there in front of the customer, they don’t have to learn how to use it at all." :17 sec.
  If every driver practiced eco-driving techniques, which can result in an EPA-estimated 15 percent benefit in fuel economy, more than 22 billion gallons of gas would be saved annually.

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