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Ford continued to post strong sales and market share gains in May, with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers delivering 192,253 new vehicles in May – a 23 percent increase versus a year ago. It marks the sixth month in a row Ford sales have increased more than 20 percent. Year-to-date sales totaled 783,845, up 31 percent. Ford Sales Analyst, George Pipas, says it’s all about having the product people want.

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Cut #1: "The June sales rate for the industry is probably in the low 11-million range and while that’s consistent with what we have seen so far this year the pace of sales in the U.S. is fairly stable." :16 sec.
Year-to-date sales totaled 954,745 up 28 percent with growth across Ford’s full family of cars (up 27 percent), utilities (up 24 percent) and trucks (up 32 percent).
Cut #2: "Super Duty sales were up 58% versus last June, Mustang retail sales were up 37%." :08 sec.
According to Pipas those figures helped drive their June sales figures and capped a really strong performance for Ford in the first half.
Cut #3: "Our sales were 28% almost double the industry increase of 16 % in the first half." :08 sec.
According to Pipas, market share gains are coming from all over, whether it be the Ford -Series Truck, which has gained almost 6 points of share in the first half over a year ago, or the fresh lineup of vehicles which helped boost Ford’s market share almost 2 percent.
Cut #4: "Products like Fusion, Focus and Taurus and our crossovers Escape and Edge they’re drawing customers from foreign competitors, so it’s pretty broad based" :09
The formula of a fresh lineup of high quality, fuel efficient vehicles as well as third party endorsements like J.D. Power and Associates 2010 initial quality study has done a great deal to help Ford continue to charge ahead with respectable sales numbers inspite of a fragile economy.
Cut #5: "It’s helping sales and it’s helping revenue, the amount that customers are willing to pay for Ford products." :06 sec.
The first half of sales ended up in the 11-million range, Pipas believes an improvement in home sales, and the employment picture, will eventually impact sales and elevate them to a higher level. But he sees the timing and the pace of the recovery as the most important elements that will effect future sales.
Cut #6: "The incoming metrics all suggest that the worst is behind us and that we’ve entered a period of recovery and Ford is in a position and is going to continue to plan our production cautiously, prudently, not get ahead of ourselves, deliver to dealers the units that customers want. I think we’re going to do well because our product momentum and the momentum we have in consumers minds is going to bode well for our second half. We just gotta to keep what we’re doing and that is working the Ford plan because clearly the Ford plan is working." :34sec.

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