SHAGADELIC 1972 Ford E-100 Econoline for Sale

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Are you looking for a reliable replacement to your Volkswagen Bus? Maybe you’re looking for a new whip to pick up women at the campground? Maybe you just like shag carpet? If one of those are true, and you’re looking for a new car, check out this 1972 green and gold Ford E-100 Econoline.

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Powered by a 302 Ford engine (man, swapping in a modern Coyote V8 would be awesome), the van is said to run well. Looking at the pictures, it appears to be in good shape, so we have no reason to doubt the seller’s claim.

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Other important highlights? The interior hasn’t been overly modified, and features shag carpeting. The chairs swivel, making it a great gathering place for people at a hangout.

From the buyer’s description:

The interior is completely redone in ‘Paul Frank’ green Naugahyde. Drum wrap and shag carpet complete the look of the 70’s. It also has metallic green seats that match the steering wheel. All the cushions are redone as well. The main table and side table are done in hardwood plywood with a surfboard theme.

The exterior is gold with green and the mag wheels look awesome. A custom exhaust was installed with side pipes. Air shocks and larger back tires give the van a mean ‘hot rod’ look.

Mechanically, this van runs strong. It has a Ford 302 with an automatic transmission, so it really goes down the road. It was burning oil, so I had the valve seals replaced which corrected the problem. I installed a new heater, brakes and brake lines. It also is set up for a 2nd deep cycle battery under the back bench seat.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this vehicle. It always gets looks and comments. It is great for tailgating and camping. The seats swivel, so it tends to be the place to hang out.

We do like how it hasn’t been too terribly modified. That means if we want to add our own Star Trek graphics, we can!

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via [Hemmings Daily]

photos via [Hemmings Daily]

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