More Sexy Ford GT Photos Teased By Ford

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2017 Ford GT - 529892

We’re really excited about the 2017 Ford GT here at the FTE offices, and we know you all are, too. Set to hit the streets sometime next year, the newest version of the iconic GT will be powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 tuned to all get out. Also, it just so happens that Ford made the car awfully sexy as well.

2017 Ford GT - 529888

Our friends at Ford have revealed a few more photos of the new car in blue, positioned in various locations around Europe. Give them a look and let’s all drool over the new supercar together.

We know that only 250 of these cars will be made a year, and will probably cost nearly $400,000. But, as a plus for buyers, the last Ford GT is the only car made this century that has appreciated in value. So it looks like that even though I won’t be able to afford one, it’s still a smart buy.

2017 Ford GT - 529890

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