Paddle Shifters are Confirmed Staying for the 2017 Raptor

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Raptor 10-speed transmission with paddle shifters

One of the big changes for the 2017 Ford Raptor over the previous versions is the transmission. The 10-speed automatic featured in the new Raptor was co-developed as a partnership with General Motors, but built by Ford themselves. In addition to the extra cogs is a set of paddle shifters attached to the steering wheel.


We spoke with Ford back in January, they wouldn’t say for certain if the paddle shifters were a final piece. They definitely are imposing on the steering wheel, and are much larger than the paddle shifters you find on other Ford products.

Raptor Interior

During an online Twitter chat today, F-150 Raptor Program Manager Tony Greco confirmed that the paddle shifters in the pre-production F-150 Raptor will make it to final production.

Ten forward gears is still a lot to shift by paddle, but I’m assuming the first five are the “fun gears,” while the remaining five are for fuel economy. Though, until I get a chance to drive it I won’t know for sure.

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With the truck going on sale in late 2016, it might be a little while yet before I have an opportunity to get behind the wheel, but as soon as I do I’ll make sure to share my experience with all of you.

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