New Tech on the 2015 F150

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When the 2015 F150 hits your local Ford Dealer showroom floor, it will come with over 100 new patents and 11 key innovations in the light-duty truck segment that it dominates in. Let’s talk about some of those innovations starting with the one that has caused the biggest news at the North American International Auto Show; the Aluminum body construction.

The aluminum body panels will mean that the 2015 F150 will be lighter and more capable to tow more weight since the new lineup of engines will be pulling 700lbs less of Ford Tough. Its towing capacity is also enhanced thanks to its new high-strength steel frame.

2015 Ford F-150 2.7L EcoBoost

The EcoBoost 2.7L V6 will deliver Baja 1000 capable power and higher fuel efficiency thanks to its Auto Start-Stop capability and Direct Injection system. Despite being a turbocharged engine, it will use regular unleaded gas thanks to that DI system.

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It’s no secret; trucks are getting larger and harder to see around. The new 360 Degree Camera System will give you viewing angles you’ve never seen as cameras are located in the grille, tailgate, and under each outside mirror.

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A finally, a great innovation for those who use their truck to haul ATVs, Lawnmowers, and Motorcycles is the BoxLink system. It includes die-cast aluminum tie-down cleats and stowable cargo ramps!

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