Muffler Options For Your F-150

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The muffler is an essential part of the engine and exhaust systems of any vehicle, and it’s a good idea to know the different F-150 muffler options for your Ford F-150. Because mufflers will regularly become spent and will require replacement, you’ll need to know the best way to replace the muffler, so as to achieve optimal performance in your vehicle. Mufflers are responsible not only for reducing the noise produced by the engine and the exhaust systems in a vehicle, but also for helping to ensure that those systems function smoothly at all times.

1. Magnaflow Glass Pack Mufflers

Magnaflow mufflers are known for being among the most affordable mufflers available for a variety of different vehicles. This company manufactures a set of mufflers for the F-150 that are priced lower than virtually every other type of muffler. The entire muffler and muffler installation setup kit will cost only around $30, plus costs associated with shipping and handling if you order the parts online. Unfortunately, the Magnaflow mufflers are not designed to be the highest functioning or to last for a very long time.

2. Magnaflow Performance Mufflers

Providing a much more solid and durable muffler system than the Glass Pack, Magnaflow Performance Mufflers are designed to last for a longer period of time. They provide high quality and high performance function to any Ford F-150 engine and exhaust system, ensuring maximum reduction of noise and total improvement of the flow of the exhaust through the exhaust system. However, these mufflers tend to be at least twice as expensive as the Magnaflow Glass Pack Mufflers.

3. Flowmaster Super 44 Series Mufflers

Flowmaster is a higher-end brand of mufflers that provides excellent muffler products for all types of vehicles. The Ford F-150 mufflers that this company produces come in both street and Super 44 configurations. Though the price between these items doesn’t vary greatly, the customer satisfaction rating for Flowmaster Super 44 Series Mufflers is much higher than that of the street configuration. Super 44 Series products are known to be easy to work with and to provide excellent functionality in a compact, efficient product.

4. Flowmaster Hushpower HP-2 Mufflers

The Hushpower line of mufflers by Flowmaster is specifically designed to reduce as much noise from the engine and exhaust systems of your Ford F-150 truck as possible. In the case of the Hushpower HP-2 muffler, this goal is accomplished very well. These mufflers provide some of the quietest rides of any mufflers on the market. At about $100 each, they are not the least expensive mufflers on the market, though they do provide an excellent longer term solution for your muffler needs.

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