Muddy Monday: Dueling 79 F150 Pickups in the Slop

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duel f150 mud

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a pair of 1979 Ford F150 pickups – both of which have been heavily modified – going head to head, showing off their mudslinging ability at the Stampers Mud Bog. We don’t have any information on either of these classic Ford F150 pickups, but both the grey and the white trucks have obviously been fitted with huge suspension setups to make room for massive mud tires while the built V8 engines allow these trucks to dig through the most serious slop.

Throughout the course of this 4 minute video, these two 1979 Ford F150 pickups battle some of the deepest, thickest mud we have seen and, in some cases, the mud wins the battle. However, these two high riding F150 pickups come back over and over, showing just how well an old school F150 can handle the must with the best of them.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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