Meet the 2012 Ford Expedition

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Existing fans of the vehicle and new customers alike will appreciate an overview of the 2012 Ford Expedition because of the changes from previous models. This vehicle has always been known for providing a sturdy, smooth ride and for its excellent power, and the 2012 edition of the Expedition strives to capitalize on both of those qualities even further. The company has placed an increased emphasis on the environmentally friendly nature of the vehicle and on increased fuel economy in every driving situation. Read on for a brief overview of the 2012 Ford Expedition.

Technical Specs

As one of the most powerful full size SUVs on the market, the 2012 Expedition can tow over 9,200 pounds. This is largely thanks to the standard 5.4 liter V8 engine, which delivers nearly 400 pounds-feet of torque and 310 horsepower. The vehicle features expansive cargo room to support all types of different uses, from hauling heavy equipment to transporting large groups of people.

The 2012 Expedition offers hands free and voice activated controls for many systems, including ignition and hands free calling with Bluetooth technology. Optional features include traffic and GPS controls, personalized news and radio content, and local business and directions information. As with the previous editions of this vehicle, the 2012 Expedition will have advanced 4-wheel-drive technology, with added torque from front to rear in order to provide optimal traction and handling.

Environmental and Fuel Economy Considerations

In response to increased gas prices and demand for environmentally-friendly vehicles, Ford has modified the engine of the 2012 Ford Expedition in order to make it flex-fuel capable. This means that the vehicle can run on both unleaded or E85 gasoline, or on any combination of the two. An enhanced shifting and transmission system provides smaller steps in between the original 4 gears in order to provide for better handling, easier shifting and, most importantly, better fuel economy.

Storage Space

The Ford Expedition has long been favored over competitors for the high quality of its storage and cargo spaces. The 2012 model offers three rows of seats with ingenious cargo and storage solutions. The middle row of seats can be expanded and shifted forward to access the back row, which can be laid down flat to provide a fully accessible rear storage area in the back portion of the vehicle.


The 2012 Ford Expedition is a leader in terms of comfort and quality of ride. With an independent multilink rear suspension, the vehicle achieves a smooth, seamless ride on almost any terrain. There are high quality leather seats with individualized climate control. Heated seats are optional. To save trouble and time while loading or unloading the vehicle, there is a remote control activated liftgate that will open or close automatically, making it easier to prepare the vehicle for loading or to take items out of the vehicle after transporting them.

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