HUMP DAY JUMP Guys Drifts, Jumps His Ford Expedition

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FTE Jump

Do you prefer jumps by amateurs or professionals? We find that we enjoy both. Though seeing a well-modified rig leap on the sand, get some extreme air, and land flawlessly is quite pleasing, it is still quite fun to watch a regular person leap their stock rig just for the hell of it. What’s not to love about that? Other than the damage to the ride, of course. It is just neat to watch a normal rig get some air in the real world, rather than just on the dunes. It’s exhilarating, in a way. Though we’re sure it would be more so if we were the driver of the truck getting airborne!

This guy decided to go out with a few of his buddies and have some fun in his Ford Excursion  Expedition, and it seems like he definitely did succeed! At the beginning of the video we see his drift his Ford in the direction of the hump, which seems to be his launching point. He roar up to it and gets some pretty serious air! We applaud him for a job well done!

Check out the video below and see this guy have a blast in his Ford truck!

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