HUMP DAY JUMP F-100 PreRunner Flies High!

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F-100 PreRunner Jump

Though the classics are to be treasured, it’s not often that we think of them as the best off-road or jumping machines on the market. After all, these old Fords were made primarily to haul and pull rather than to roar up a steep hill of climb out of a deep mud pit.

Sure, we’ve seen people make them into off-road monsters before, but it just isn’t as common as seeing a more current F-150 or Raptor with the same strengths. Even so, this guy decided to make his old F-100 into a beastly PreRunner, and we’ll feel free to say that we think it could out due most of the current rigs on the market.

Even so, this definitely didn’t happen over night and we’re sure it cost a ton of money to get this F-100 to where it is now. Even so, it’s exciting to see the rig leap high through the skies in this video. As you click play you’ll noticed a group of people gathered, but you definitely won’t see the truck. Just wait a few more seconds and then the high-flying Ford will come from out of nowhere and soar across the skies! We’d love to know just how far and high it went, but unfortunately all of us will have to just guess.

Check out the video below and see the classic ride flex it’s muscle and leap through the air!

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