Ford Skipping This Year’s Paris Motor Show

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Ford at the LA Auto Show (43)

Even though Ford is doing extremely well worldwide, they still are picking and choosing what auto shows they plan on attending. These expensive shows sometimes don’t offer the returns to justify the cost, and this year for Ford, that’s the Paris Motor Show. According to Automotive News Europe, Paris just isn’t the right time for Ford.

It’s surprising to me that they won’t attend for one simple reason; the Ford Focus RS. Being a European-built and designed automobile, it’d seem that the company would want to showcase the hottest of the hot hatches in front of a native audience. But Ford seems to disagree.

“It’s about picking the right place and right way to deliver your news,” said Ford in a statement. “Paris didn’t hit the sweet spot.”

Remember that Ford is targeting some non-traditional auto shows, including a big showing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Some of these shows are starting to steal the limelight from the more traditional automotive shows.

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via [Automotive News Europe]

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