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A pair of midsize trucks not offered in the US showcase the capabilities of the foreign Ford Ranger.

The vast majority of our “Muddy Monday” videos show Ford trucks racing around a track, smoking their tires, or playing in the mud, but this week’s video is a little different. It’s a 3.5-minute clip of a Mitsubishi Triton struggling to keep up with a Ranger on a muddy path.

Before the action begins, the Mitsubishi Triton is already buried in the mud, with the driver trying to work the truck back and forth to make some progress. Eventually the driver backs the little Mitsubishi back up the hill, where we see the Ford Ranger waiting for a chance to attack the muddy path.


With the help of gravity, the Mitsubishi pickup nearly makes it to the other side of the pit, but the driver gets the little Japanese pickup stuck in the mud once again. This forces the driver to back all of the way up to the Ranger. On the third try the Mitsubishi is able to get enough traction to climb out of the mud.

After watching the Triton struggle for three minutes, the Ford Ranger casually drives down the hill, through the mud, and up to dry land without so much as breaking a sweat. It shows just how much more capable the current Ford Ranger is when compared to other global midsize trucks.

Even though neither of these vehicles are current available in the US, the same team who helped to develop this Ford Ranger will have a hand in the development of the 2019 American Ford Ranger. Based on this video, it looks like the new Ranger will be a very capable little mudder!

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