Ford Ranger 4×4 XLS Special Edition – A Crikey Deal!

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Ford Ranger Special Edition - 2

When it comes to building a new truck, auto manufactures can either get it extremely right or incredibly wrong. In Ford’s case, they seem to get it right — at least most of the time.

Our friends across the pond at Ford Australia, have recently introduced a Ranger 4×4 XLS Special Edition truck that includes more than $4,900 worth of accessories, for only an additional $2500 over the usual XLS Double-cab sticker price. Now that’s what I call a crikey deal!

The extra accessories fitted to the Special Edition are: A sports bar that Ford says gives the Ranger “more visual attitude”, a tow-bar enabling the Ranger’s 3,500 kg (approx. 7,700 lbs.) towing capacity, tubular side steps and bed and tailgate heavy duty liners.

Ford Ranger Special Edition

Ford Australia CEO and president, Graeme Whickman, highlighted the popularity of the Ranger which in 4×4 trim is sitting just behind its Toyota-badged rival on the sales charts. “Already considered one of the most capable and desirable pick-up trucks on the market, we expect the Ranger 4×4 XLS Special Edition will help us narrow the gap to Toyota even further, with Ranger 4×4 now only 172 units behind the HiLux 4×4 year-to-date,” he said.

According to, from the start of this year until the end of July Ford sold 17,623 Rangers, an increase of 37.5 percent on last year’s sales figures. Not too shabby.

What’s your take on this new Ranger 4×4 XLS Special Edition?

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