Ford Lightning Strikes Down a Corvette Z06

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Lightning strikes again. This video features a 2nd generation Ford F-150 Lightning sport truck that has obviously been heavily modified.

There is no mod list for this factory supercharged F-150 pickup, but as soon as the green light drops and this bright red Ford truck rockets away from the line – it is very clear that this truck is making some very serious power.

When the green light first drops for this Lightning F-150 and the C6 Corvette Z06, the Chevy rips out to a quick lead while the Ford sleeps on the light.

However, when the driver of this SVT F-150 does get under way, it quickly runs down the Corvette, passes it and begins to run away. Even when giving the Corvette a big head start, this F-150 ended up destroying the Z06 at the finish line with an elapsed time that is almost three tenths of a second quicker.

Interestingly, the Corvette pulls a better trap speed so in a longer race, the Z06 might be able to run down this blown F-150, but in the quarter mile, the big Ford truck is by far the quicker of the two.

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