Ford Issues Stop Sale for Potentially Leaky 2015 Edge Utilities

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Ford has issued a stop sale on their brand new 2015 Edge vehicle due to a potential water leak issue. That also means that there are some vehicles that have already been sold that could potentially suffer from the issue. Here’s some more details about the problem and the remedy.

According to Consumer Reports, the following area of the Edge is potentially affected;

The concern is that water may seep into the cabin through the sheetmetal joint in the front pillar, directly behind the hood hinge on both sides of the vehicle. When the problem occurs, water enters the cabin at the lower A-pillar areas behind the lower dash trim panels.

All vehicles currently sitting on dealer lots will be inspected for a leak as part of the stop sale. Ford already has a fix for the problem affecting Edges produced on or before April 28th, 2015. All vehicles will be inspected prior to customer sale. If there’s a leak, the leak will be fixed. If there isn’t a leak, Ford will apply new sealant to the area to prevent the leak.

New Ford Edge

We reached out to Ford’s William Mattiace from Utility Vehicle Communications, who informed us that approximately 19,000 vehicles have been sold to customers. All of those vehicles will be inspected by Ford, free of charge, as part of Customer Satisfaction Program 15B21. These vehicles will be held for up to three days, depending on if a leak is found. Ford is providing loaner vehicles to affected owners while their Edge is being inspected.

The fix for already sold vehicles is the same for the ones not sold. If it leaks, it’ll be sealed and held for three days to make sure it doesn’t leak again. If it’s not leaking, new sealant will be added.

We are a bit surprised that this type of manufacturing defect wouldn’t show up in initial quality testing, but you shouldn’t let this one incident marr the overall experience of the Edge. We drove it earlier in the year in Phoenix, and found it to be a nice upgrade over the previous model. Also, the brand new Sport trim with the 2.7L EcoBoost is an absolute peach to drive.

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If you have a 2015 Ford Edge, you should definitely contact your Ford dealership and have the vehicle inspected. Ford has already notified dealerships of the problem, and the fix needed. Left unchecked, water can accumulate underneath the carpet, causing mold or other issues. Since the inspection and repair, if necessary, is free of charge, you have no reason to not give them a call and have it looked at.

Do you have a 2015 Ford Edge that’s affected by this problem? What do you think about this problem? Is it just a bit of an oops, or is it a sign of a bigger quality problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or over in the forums!

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