Ford Investing $1.6 Billion in Plants to Build 10-Speed Transmissions in U.S.

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Ohio Assembly Plant

Certain presidential candidates have been attacking Ford for their investment in plants and expansion in Mexico. That has made Ford’s business plans the discussion around dinner tables across the country. Even though we live in a global economy, some believe that Ford should only invest in the United States regardless of whether or not it’s profitable. However, Ford does invest in the United States and they’ve just announced a $1.6 billion (with a “b”) in two plants here in the midwest.

The two plants in question are the Livonia, Michigan-based transmission plant, and the Cleveland-based Ohio Assembly Plant. This investment will also create or retain 650 jobs right here in the United States. It’s part of the company’s overall plan to invest $9 billion and create or retain 8,500 jobs here in the country.

Ohio Assembly Plant


The Livonia plant makes the six speed transmission used in the Mustang, F-150, Transit and Expedition. It’ll also be producing Ford’s new 10-speed automatic transmission starting in June. That transmission will exist in the new Raptor, and spread throughout the Ford Motor Company product line.

Ohio Assembly Plant makes the F-650 and F-750, two trucks that were previously built exclusively in Mexico, but are now built exclusively in the United States. It’s also constructing the chassis cab versions of the F-350, F-450, and F-550 trucks.

Whether this news will get as much play as the Mexico news has yet to be seen, but it is further proof that Ford is still extremely committed to the best labor force in the world.

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