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Mac Truck

A Real Mac Truck for Big Boys!

Every year Ford builds numerous special editions trucks. Most of them are quickly snapped up by buyers who are looking for something special. Consequently, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, head down to Long McArthur Ford in Salina, Kansas, and snatch this Mack Truck Edition Ford Super Duty.

The 2017 Mac Truck starts out with a stock Super Duty, an already an impressive and capable truck on its own. Then it adds several new features to distinguish it from the standard truck, and make it a more impressive off-road and on-road machine. With a name that evokes classic big rigs and off-road performance, it’s an impressive and attractive machine.

The most easily noticeable change is the massive rolling stock. The 7×13.5” Toyo Mud Terrain tires wrapped around 22” black aluminum wheels from Fuel are massive. The speedometer is then recalibrated to account for the taller tire.

Mac Truck

The truck was then lifted to clear its new wheel & tire package, by way of a 6” Pro Comp Stage II lift with reservoir shocks. A Fox dual-steering damper system is also employed to improve stability and drivability. A skid plate was also installed to protect the undercarriage during off-road excursions.

It can be tough to get into a truck that tall, so each Mac Truck Super Duty is equipped with power deployable running boards to improve ingress and egress. Sorry, but you can leave your parachute and rappelling equipment at home! Lastly, the truck is finished with Mac Truck bedside decals, and smoked taillights and side markers for a tougher look.

This truck sold for $83,000 bucks. And something tells me they would be happy to build you another, if you were so inclined.

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Video via: [Long McArthur]

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