Best of Daytona Truck Week 2017 (Video)

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Check out the outrageous Ford trucks (and folks) of Florida’s ‘Truck Week.’

This year’s Daytona truck meet featured no shortage of big, beefy, beautiful Ford trucks. Love them or hate them, the high-gloss, high-polish, high-lift “mall crawlers” were all the rage this year. Surprisingly, even some of them got their chrome wheels dirty with a little sand!

Whether you prefer diesel or gas power for your Ford truck, every trend under the sun was represented. Coal-rolling, Carolina-squatting, ghost-trailering, LED-clad rigs roamed the Daytona streets as far as the eye could see. Judging by the videos, it looked like a week-long pop country music video.

With plenty of white tire smoke accompanied by black diesel smoke going around, it must have appeared to casual onlookers that Daytona had just elected a new pope! Daytona Beach is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful sights and beautiful people, and for one week a year, beautiful trucks, too.

If you prefer bikini-clad beachgoers to burnouts, there’s plenty of that in the video as well. More importantly, we wonder how most of us will look back on these truck trends five, or even 10 years from today.

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