Get Your Hands on This 1994 Ford F-250 4×4 aka ‘The Beast’

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While most macho guys love to refer to their trucks as “beasts,” it’s also true that not all said trucks look or perform like beasts at all. That being said, this highly-customized 4×4 is truly worthy of that nickname.

Listed in the LA Craigslist, is this 1994 Ford F-250 4×4 pickup truck dubbed the “beast,” and it’s as much of a weekend or adventure truck as you’ll ever need. Powered by a mighty 7.3 liter International diesel engine, you’re guaranteed to be able to reach just about every hidden trail, valley or river without any issues. The ad description mentions that it features a newly rebuilt transmission but it doesn’t specify the make or model.


According to the owner, these are the major highlights of the truck: new motor mounts, new intake and exhaust manifold, new radiator, new water pump, new AC compressor, new fuel pump, new brake lines all around, new slotted/drilled rotors for front, rebuilt drums in the rear with all-new parts, new steering column, new steering shaft, new Procomp extreme rims for front, new Procomp extreme tires all around, new radio, new widows, new window seals, custom paint, custom steel frame ($2,500), custom LED light for front and back, roof top tent from CVT used less than 10 times (Optional) Value is $1,500.


You can see on the photos that the owner has wasted no time or money with this truck, and turned it into a real adventure vehicle. Sadly, the owner claims he has to move overseas and cannot take the truck with him.

Will you be the one to carry on with “The Beast?”

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