All-New Ford Ranger Tows Steam Locomotive

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Is this cruel or what? Not only does Ford refuse to release the 2012 Ford Ranger in the United States, but now they’re releasing press releases about all it can do. And apparently, the new Ranger can do a lot with 470 Nm of torque? Like tow a steam locomotive that weighs 160-tonnes (we’ll use that spelling since were talking about the Global Ranger.)
Check out the below video of the all-new Ranger effortlessly hauling a vintage R711 locomotive out of its shed. This is one impressive showcase of the Ranger’s amazing capability. Despite being fully laden and driving on an unsealed path, the 3.2-litre Double Cab pickup takes this locomotive for a smooth ride.
The Ranger wasn’t modified one bit for this unique challenge, merely depending on the
five-cylinder diesel engine that produces 147 kW of power and a
train-hauling torque of 470 Nm, as well as the six-speed automatic
transmission to get the job done. The driver just stuck her in low-range four-wheel drive, and let the 3000 kg towing capacity speak for itself.

We won’t get into all the reasons again as to why Ford doesn’t think the Ranger is All-American, because it still hurts to talk about it. But let’s just say that in America, bigger is always better. And while this video may add salt to the wound, it’s still a really cool video.

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