6.7 L V8 Turbo Diesel Ford Super Duty Specs

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Turbo diesel buyers will be interested in the Turbo Diesel Ford Super Duty
specs. The 2011 Super Duty sports a newly designed 6.7 liter Power
Stroke V8 diesel engine that is quiet, fuel efficient and packs plenty
of torque. The Select Shift Automatic transmission has been updated so
that it now has two independent modes ““ Progressive Range and Full
Manual. Engineering changes have produced a vehicle that can haul or tow
large loads with control and stability.

Power Stroke Turbo Diesel Engine

Ford’s new diesel engine uses a high-pressure common rail fuel
injection system. The engine block is made from compacted graphite iron,
and its cylinder heads are made from aluminum. It incorporates an
over-head valve system that uses 32 vales, which provides four valves
per cylinder. The engine can obtain 400 HP at 2,800 RPMs, and produces
800 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 RPMs. The Single-Sequential Turbocharged
engine runs on B-20 Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel, and integrates an
Intelligent oil-life monitor.

Automatic SelectShift Transmission

The newly designed transmission allows the driver to select the mode
in which the transmission operates. In the Full Manual mode, shifting is
completely dependent on the driver. The full range of the gearbox is
available, and each gear can be singly selected. The Progressive Range
setting allows the driver to limit the range of gears used, so that
overdrive can be locked-out to produce consistent speeds on hilly

Towing and Hauling

The Super Duty integrates trailer sway control with Tow/Haul Mode
engine exhaust braking to provide stability when towing or hauling. It
also comes equipped with Hill Start Assist/Hill Descent control,
built-in TBC, a new style tow hitch package, tailgate step, and
Electronic Locking Rear Differential.

The new Turbo Diesel Ford Super Duty was designed and built to be a true working vehicle, which is fuel efficient and powerful.

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