2017 F-150 Lightning: Hooniverse Burns Rubber, We Drool

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With a blower and 650 horsepower on tap, this SVT Lightning tribute truck can disintegrate tires in the blink of an eye!

Man, we love the Ford Lightning. Those first- and second-generation muscle trucks from the 1990s reminded us just how good big power can be from the factory. As we previously shared with you, Georgia-based Pioneer Ford has recreated that original Lightning concept in a brand-new 2017 F-150. Now, the lucky folks from Hooniverse got to peel off the first layers of rubber from its rear tires. Uh, are we jealous? Yes, yes we are.

Pioneer Ford’s general manager, Robby Winiarczyk, started with a 2017 F-150 XL Regular Cab with a short bed. From there, the dealership configured this particular one (there’s been several) in the proper red color and with a 5.0-liter V8, a locking rear differential, and transmission cooler for the six-speed automatic. As an authorized Roush installer, the dealership added a Stage 2 supercharger and upgraded everything else to complement the blower. That meant an intake with improved flow, intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, and 60-millimeter throttle body. That’s good for 650 tire-shredding, emissions-legal horsepower.

2017 Ford Lightning F-150 Lightning Tribute

To that, Pioneer Ford added five-spoke, 22-inch wheels with Goodyear Forteras. An MBRP side-exit exhaust gets the job done Lightning-style and you can’t have a Lightning without the right badges.

Hooniverse news editor Greg Kachadurian had the chance to rip off some tire smoke in testing the truck. You can read his full review here, but the tire smoke really tells the important part of the review.

While this video uploaded to their YouTube channel only shows the burnout part of their review, Kachadurian was also able to experience normal driving conditions, as well as some high-performance driving on an airport runway. According to their test, the truck delivered a 0-60 mph test of 6.2 seconds, but as Kachadurian said, “Our little corner of the airport was an old dusty surface.” He also added that “With a cleaner surface, there’s no question this is a 5-second truck as is.”

With the sticker price at less than $50,000, that’s a whole lot of truck for the money. Do you agree?

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