1963 Ford Econoline ‘VanGo’ Is a True Masterpiece

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Hoonigan highlights this exceptional slammed van and its creative designer and owner in their latest video.

“You really have to soak this in…it’s like a piece of art.” Hoonigan host Jon Chase says this in awe after getting a tour of this 1963 Ford Econoline van. Hoonigan chose a great subject for their latest ‘Daily Transmission’ video on YouTube. Hoonigan always highlights exciting rides, but this 1963 Econoline van, appropriately named the “VanGo” is truly an inventive low-riding masterpiece that must be fully seen to be believed.

Chase says “People ask ‘How do I get my car on DT?’…all you gotta do is build an awesome car. One thing we do like, though, is we do like oddballs…Today’s guest fits in that, probably….He’s an oddball.” With that, Chase introduces Coby Gewertz, the owner of the VanGo.

1963 Ford Econoline VanGo

Gewertz is a really interesting guy. He started his own magazine, Church, and he is a designer, photographer, artist, and car enthusiast. As he says on the Church website, “A custom car and hot rod fanatic, Coby can often be found buried deep in the white trash sub-culture. In his ‘spare time,’ he created Church, a brand merging his two greatest passions: the customized classic automobile and his relentless appetite for high quality design.”

1963 Ford Econoline VanGo

S.J. Bryan is an editor with Ford Truck Enthusiasts and regular contributor to F-150 Online and Harley-Davidson Forums, among other auto sites.

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