13 Pictures of Ford Trucks Towing Chevys (and Maybe a Toyota or a Dodge)

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For a long time back in the day, the three big truck manufacturers had an arms race of ridiculous commercials. First, a Ford truck would drive up a mountain with a Chevy across the bed. A few months later Chevy would have one where it would carry a Ford while also towing a Dodge. Then a Ford towing a Dodge and a GMC while carrying a Chevy…I think finally the FCC told them to knock it off because all of this was obviously way over the actual abilities of the trucks and approaching false advertising territory.


Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures where Ford trucks actually did tow a Chevy. Some of these are tow trucks. Some of these are street legal trucks towing mud boggers. The best of them are just helpful Ford truck drivers showing some kindness to the less fortunate. One thing is for certain, though; If your Ford truck gets stuck, or breaks down, make sure there are no cameras nearby. You may be better off lighting it on fire and walking away than facing the shame of your truck starring in viral Internet memes for years to come.


1. Roadkill on one of their many road trip/project vehicle discoveries used this awesome extended cab Ford F-series from the late 1960s to haul a dead 1950s Chevy/GMC truck home. Why bother really? Just drop a warmed up 460 in the tow truck and have fun.


2. This poor Chevy Silverado owner was totally unprepared for the drive on a snow covered road in his little ½ ton truck. Luckily this helpful Super Duty driver had a big tow strap to snatch him out of the snow bank.

Snow pull


3. This Super Duty crew cab had no problem towing this ex-military Chevy M1008. Hate on Chevys all you want, but these 1 ¼ ton trucks made in the 1980s were truly mil-spec with Detroit Diesel power, big 14 bolt axles in back and Dana 60s up front. Still, 80s diesel is no match for a Power Stroke.



4. This modern classic F-150 Flare Side is seen towing a classic 1964 Chevy pickup. Nothing from Chevy made in the 1990s will ever touch the last of the boxy Ford F-trucks made until 1996. In 2046 you are still going to see these trucks with the 300 six and 5-speed manual rolling around the wasteland killing zombies and looking for fuel to salvage like Mad Max.

Quiet town


5. I think what happened here is that the Chevy got scared around all these real trucks and the Ford had to help him out with a tow.


6. This poor Chevy Colorado owner tried to navigate a muddy dirt road with his mini truck which didn’t even have the 4-wheel-drive option. The Big Ford had no problem getting this little 3,500lb truck out of the hole it had stuck itself in.

open field


7. Even if you only have a little Ford Ranger, you still have plenty of power to get a Chevy unstuck, like this guy found out. This is what happens when you drive above your, or your truck’s, ability.



8. Towing a Chevy with your Ford is so easy even this dog could do it. Built Ford ruff!



9. This poor city employee had to be towed back to the yard with his newer Chevy Silverado on the back of a much older Ford flatbed when things went bad for him.

road side


10. Another Ford flatbed rescued this poor Toyota Tundra owner on his way to the lake. I guess that Japanese truck just wasn’t up to the task of towing that little boat on a warm day over some hills. The Ford stepped in, scooped up the boat on the trailer, and took the Tundra too, no problem.



11. It isn’t just Chevy and Toyota that need a hand from Ford truck owners; there are plenty of stuck and broken Dodges out there, too. From the looks of this picture, that Dodge isn’t stuck, but must have just broken, which is typical. It is hard to tell from the picture, but that may actually be one of the modern Power Wagon Dodges, too, which are supposed to be the toughest thing they make.

Dry brush


12. Surely you have seen this video, right? A bunch of buddies out mudding in their trucks, but when the time comes to pack it in and head for home mister Dodge, towing mister Chevy, gets stuck in the mud and needs a Ford to pull them both free.


13. Even the toy trucks get in on this fun, even the normally so polite Canadians. The top pictures is just a modeler’s diorama found online. The bottom picture is a Canadian Tire toy truck gift pack for their 25th anniversary, featuring a pre-war Ford still able to pull a 1950s Chevy



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