08/27/2003 – Ford Unveils Unprecedented Advertising, Marketing Campaign For All-New 2004 F-150

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Source: Ford Motor Company


  • Best-in-class
    product capabilities and attributes are the foundation of the
    comprehensive F-150 advertising campaign.

  • Sustained advertising and
    marketing campaign will achieve more than 16 billion impressions during
    the course of the launch.

  • Largest-ever Ford Division multicultural
    launch includes Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American ads.

DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 28, 2003 – A new era of Built Ford Tough
begins Sept. 4 as the new F-150 hits dealer showrooms across the
nation, ushered in with an unprecedented advertising campaign.

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Ford and J. Walter Thompson USA are introducing an integrated
television, print and outdoor advertising campaign, as well as an
extensive marketing communications plan for the 2004 F-150. The
advertising dramatically depicts the class-leading capabilities and
attributes of the 2004 F-150, demonstrating that Ford again has set a
new standard in the full-size truck market.

“We are giving the F-150 the biggest and most comprehensive
marketing launch of any product in our history,” said Steve Lyons, Ford
Division president. “The F-Series pickup is America’s best-selling
vehicle for 21 years running – it is the only product that could star
in a marketing campaign of this magnitude.”

Phase One – Tease Campaign

The multi-media tease
campaign will launch Aug. 29 as a series of four 15-second tease ads
hit the airwaves. The ads, Mud, Frame, Neil’s Road, and
Water, give viewers a slight glimpse of the next F-150
through imagery and sound. The spots conclude with an end frame that
states, “The Next F-150: Coming September 4,” above the Built Ford
Tough logo.

The tease television commercials will be complemented by an
Internet banner campaign and full-page ads that will run in USA
and publications in several key truck markets. The print
ads will build for three days, finally revealing the 2004 F-150 on
Sept. 4.

The tease campaign is designed to build excitement for National
F-150 Kickoff Weekend, when Ford will debut its national F-150
advertising and host grassroots dealer events to celebrate the
arrival of the next F-150 in dealerships across the country.

Phase Two – Earned the Right

Truck buyers in America
will be focused on two things on Sept. 4 – football and the next
F-150. Four television spots will begin to air in heavy rotation as
the NFL regular season gets under way, reaching half of the core
truck buying audience during the first weekend of the launch.

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Phase Two

“America’s Truck”
America’s Truck:
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 5


Power Trip Screen Shots:
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 5
Shot 6

and Turns”

Twists and Turns Screen


Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 5
Shot 6


Quiet Time Screen Shots:
Shot 1
Shot 2
Shot 3
Shot 4
Shot 5
Shot 6
Shot 7

America’s Truck, F-150’s epic ad, captures the
legacy of Ford’s 26 years of truck leadership in both a 30- and
60-second spot. It portrays Ford’s commitment to build on its past
success to provide customers with an even stronger and tougher
full-size pickup that satisfies previously unmet customer needs.
Designed to communicate Ford’s presence as part of the American
landscape, the ad depicts the F-150 being built along a large
assembly line that spans the United States. As the F-150 chassis
rolls through farm country, fields and urban scenes, it slowly
becomes assembled. The main message communicated: “When Ford builds
the new F-150, there are promises to keep. And only one truck
earned the right to be the next F-150.”

The three remaining spots take viewers to Ford’s Arizona Proving
Grounds and other tough locales where Built Ford Tough trucks earn
their keep. The ads, titled Power Trip, Twists &
and Quiet Time, examine the
underpinnings of the F-150 and depict the paces the new trucks are
put through during development. Each features the campaign theme,
“Only this truck earned the right to be the next F-150,” as the next
F-150 comes to a dramatic stop across the screen. The spots close
as the Built Ford Tough logo appears, with a voiceover reinforcing
Ford Division’s theme, “If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look

Power Trip illustrates the testing F-150 underwent
at Arizona Proving Grounds before earning the right to wear the
Built Ford Tough badge. It highlights how F-150’s best-in-class
low-end torque enables best-in-class towing capability and
illustrates the bold new styling of the truck.

Twists & Turns captures the new technology used in
the twice-as-strong, fully boxed frame of the new F-150. The ad
begins by showing the frame in test mode and moves on to illustrate
F-150’s class-leading payload and driving dynamics. Maneuvers
include slalom, handling and heavy hauling.

Quiet Time depicts the F-150 in a sound studio with
speakers on the exterior of the F-150 with a decibel meter
positioned in the cab. As the speakers make noise, the device
records a minimal input. The spot clearly depicts Ford’s Quiet
Steel technology and other innovations used to make F-150 the
quietest pickup.

Print Advertising – Six print ads will begin
appearing in September weekly and October monthly publications
and, like the television advertising, will engage and educate
readers by highlighting F-150 key product attributes and
class-exclusive features. Each ad will communicate one select
product message and will launch with multi-page units and spreads.
The three- and four-page units begin with a question, compelling
the reader to turn the page in order to get the answer. Readers
then learn about how the select feature plays a key role in the
next F-150 and demonstrates Ford’s commitment to building Built
Ford Tough trucks. The F-150 components and attributes
highlighted are interior quietness, spark plugs, carriage bolts,
frame, seats and outboard shocks.

Print Ads:



Newspaper Tease Ads (PDF):

Tease Day 1 –

Tease Day 2 –

Tease Day 3 –

Outdoor – Outdoor billboards will be on display
in 10 key truck markets across the United States beginning Sept.
4. The billboard creative will feature a front three-quarter
photo of the F-150 with the copy “The Next F-150” and the Built
Ford Tough logo.

Outdoor Billboards:



“The beauty of our advertising and marketing launch is the
simplicity of it all,” said Rich Stoddart, Ford Division
marketing communications manager. “F-150 is a great product
with a fantastic story to tell. Our biggest challenge was to
pick the best attributes to highlight in the campaign.”

Multicultural Creative

The full-size pickup market
has seen double-digit growth in multicultural markets over the
past three years – and F-150 is the best-selling pickup among
Hispanics, African Americans and Asian Americans. In order to
communicate effectively with these audiences, Ford is rolling
out the biggest multicultural advertising launch in its

Zubi, which specializes in Hispanic advertising, developed a
30-second television ad titled Earn the Right that
depicts classic and current F-150 models journeying through the
mud, fields and forest in order to congregate at the base of a
cliff that overlooks a valley. The F-150 drives onto the cliff
and all of the trucks below bow in its presence.

Uniworld developed a 30-second spot geared toward African
American customers titled Driven, which depicts a confident,
successful African American man driving a 2004 F-150 in the
urban south. The classic blues song “I’m A Man” by Muddy
Waters, helps set the overall tone of the ad and conveys a
Built Ford Tough attitude.

Pancom is developing a 30-second spot targeting Asian
Americans that focuses on durability, quality and reliability.

Integrated Communications

In efforts to increase
awareness of the next F-150, Ford has developed an integrated
communications plan that will sustain F-150’s presence in the
marketplace and allow Ford to connect with customers in
innovative, non-traditional environments.

  • Football, football, football – F-150 will dominate
    football this fall. Viewers will see the next F-150 in every
    game of the season beginning NFL Kickoff Weekend Sept. 4-8,
    and in all “Ford F-150 Fox NFL Sunday” pregame shows. Ford
    will have a major presence in College football as well, with
    title sponsorship of the “The Built Ford Tough Pregame Show.”
    During football’s kickoff month, more than two out of every
    three truck ads shown will feature the next F-150.

  • F-150 Kickoff Weekend – To celebrate F-150’s arrival
    at dealerships across the country, nearly all of Ford
    Division’s 3,800 dealerships will hold “kickoff events” in
    their local communities in conjunction with the F-150
    advertising debut during NFL Kickoff Weekend. The events will
    range in scope, but one thing will be clear – the next F-150
    has arrived.

  • Internet Roadblocks – Ford is working
    with all three major Web portals – AOL, MSN and YAHOO! – to
    design custom F-150 Internet roadblocks to run Thursday, Sept.
    4. Approximately 75 percent of portal traffic on the Web will
    be exposed to the next F-150 through this one-day online

  • “24” – Ford will again present the
    season debut of Fox’s hit show “24” without commercial
    interruption on Tuesday, Oct. 28. More than 20 million
    viewers will see the show, which will include a long-form
    commercial that highlights the next F-150. Additionally, the
    2004 F-150 will be integrated into the content on the show.

  • Ford Championship Weekend – More than 60 percent of
    F-Series owners are NASCAR fans – and F-150 will be front and
    center during Ford Championship Weekend, Nov. 14-16. Ford
    will be the exclusive presenter of the final race for each
    NASCAR circuit and the 2004 F-150 will be the pace vehicle for
    each final race as well. More than 35 million NASCAR viewers
    will see the new truck.

  • F-150 Transformer – F-150
    is integrated directly into Toby Keith’s Shock N’ Y’All Tour.
    A one-of-a-kind 2004 F-150 actually transforms into a stage at
    the beginning of Toby’s performance, providing a unique
    platform from which to entertain fans. More than 1.5 million
    fans in 60 markets will see this truck in a whole new way.

“We are operating from a position of strength with the new
F-150,” said Lyons. “This marketing launch communicates our
dedication to leading the full-size pickup truck market, and
conveys the passion and ingenuity behind this great new truck.
Beginning Sept. 4, everyone will know the new F-150 has

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