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Putting on the Brakes (Part One)


If there is one critical area you should never skimp out on, it’s your brake system. You depend on this to not only prepare for corners but for emergency stops so there is no reason you shouldn’t use quality components on this system. We’re going to go over the components of the typical brake system [...] More »

How To Change the Oil for your Ford Excursion

A Ford Excursion is a solidly built SUV that Ford manufactured in the early 2000s to great acclaim, before SUV sales dropped significantly and the vehicle was discontinued. If you own an Excursion, one of the best things that you can do to help maintain this vehicle is to change the oil regularly. Keeping the [...] More »

How to Change the Oil for your Ford F-550

The process of changing the oil on your Ford F-550 can seem daunting if you’ve never attempted it before. However, this procedure takes a minimal knowledge about vehicles and only a short amount of time. Most people find that it is generally easier and faster, as well as cheaper, to replace the oil in your [...] More »

How to Change the Oil for your Ford Super Duty

Like any other truck, it’s crucially important that you regularly change the oil on your Ford Super Duty. A good estimate for how often you should check on the oil and be prepared to change it is every 3000 miles of driving or so. Changing the oil regularly keeps the engine lubricated and helps to [...] More »

How to Replace a Ford Super Duty Battery

Any Ford truck requires replacement parts and accessories from time to time, and a battery is no exception to this rule. Replacing your Ford Super Duty battery is a minimally intensive process that can be done easily with a few simple tools at home. Read the following step by step guide for some advice on [...] More »

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