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Replacing and Bleeding Your Brakes Explained


If you have never worked on your brakes before, the idea can seem pretty daunting at first. We are talking about something you rely on to keep you safe and stop you before you crash into things. However, replacing your own brakes and bleeding the system aren’t really as bad as they seem. So, we’ll […] More »

Putting on the Brakes (Part Two)


We’re going to go over the rest of the components of the typical brake system from brake pedal to caliper. So far we covered the pedal, booster, master cylinder and the lines.  Here are the rest of the parts you need to know about and how they work. Calipers/Drums – Most modern Ford Trucks will […] More »

2013 Ford Escape Sees Second Recall in Months

It seems the Escape can’t escape trouble. The first recall for the 2013 Escape was issued in July due to the fact that it might catch on fire at random due to defective fuel lines. Three cars burned for this. Two in Ford’s factory, and one with a customer in Canada (who suffered no injuries). […] More »

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