TRUCK YOU! 2002 F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition and a 2004 Excursion


Ford trucks are an icon of Texas, as the “Ford is the Best in Texas” commercials clearly proclaim. More people have them than need them, but that’s not a bad thing at all.

  Comments | By - May 6, 2015

French Army Going American with Ford Ranger

New Ford Ranger 2_Front 3qtr

American military vehicles generally have one thing in common; they are large. Fortunately, when the National Guard is needed Stateside our roads are wide enough for those vehicles to traverse without issue.

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HUMP DAY JUMP Donor Explorer Flies in One Last Hoorah!

FTE Jump

So what do you do if you buy a running, driving parts truck? Well, for these guys the answer was simple, and came in the way of abusing it until it was unable to drive.

  Comments | By - May 6, 2015

TIRE SMOKIN’ 1974 Ford Bronco Drag Tire Burnout

74 bronco burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 1974 Ford Bronco that was using for drag racing duties back in the day before spending a long time sitting around.

  Comments | By - May 5, 2015

Europe’s Biggest Ford F-350 Devours Iceland’s Snow Fields


Bigger isn’t always better in the world of off-roading, but as this chap in Iceland shows, being the biggest certainly doesn’t hurt. This video shows what the uploader claims to be the “Biggest” street-legal F-350 in the entirety of Europe bombing around in the some frozen and snow covered fields in Iceland.

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