New Ford Ranger or New Ford Bronco; Which Would You Choose?

New Ford Ranger

If you were in charge of Ford for a day, would you order production of a new Ford Bronco, or would you bring the Ford Ranger to the United States?

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Ford Ranger Update: Still Not Happening

New Ford Ranger 2_Front 3qtr

The Ford Ranger just had another sales success month in New Zealand. But despite the worldwide appeal, the Ranger still isn’t bound for US shores.

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When Calculating 2015 F-150 Repair Costs, Sample Size Matters

2015 Ford F-150

Several places, including the latest Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report, suggest that aluminum is more expensive to repair than steel, and will also mean insurance rates will be higher. Ford counters with their own numbers. The key here is Ford’s data comes from a much larger sample size, which matters.

  Comments | By - August 4, 2015

Commercial Truck Buyers Willing to Pay Premium for Safety

2016 Ford F-650 and F-750

There’s a lot of new technology available on today’s half-ton pickup trucks. But will this technology work its way up to commercial buyers?

  Comments | By - August 3, 2015

Muddy Monday: Dueling 79 F150 Pickups in the Slop

duel f150 mud

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a pair of 1979 Ford F150 pickups – both of which have been heavily modified – going head to head, showing off their mudslinging ability at the Stampers Mud Bog. We don’t have any information on either of these classic Ford F150 pickups, but both the grey and the […] More »

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