A Caravan of Custom Transits are Going to SEMA

Designed Travel Transit

Five custom-built Ford Transits are rolling out to Las Vegas, Nevada for SEMA next week. The concept vans include Formula Drift, off-roaders and luxury rides. The “Vegas Off-Road Experiece Transit” is a desert race truck designed by the VORE group of South Boulder City, Nevada. Off-road and premium features include: Custom LED interior lighting, five [...] More »

Darth Raptor is Ridiculous and Awesome


Somehow, I don’t think the engineers at Ford were planning on their off road warrior to be a rolling emblem for the dark side. Despite that fact… It’s still pretty freaking sweet. The owner of the truck is Oskaloosa, Iowa resident Trey Laymon. Instead of covering the Raptor with mud and dust, he’s vinyl wrapped [...] More »

HAPPY HALLOWEEN The Scariest Off-Road Rigs on FTE!


Halloween is a wonderful time of the year. The stores are packed full of last-minute shoppers, awful childish music is polluting the air, and snotty-nosed kids show up at your doorstep wearing Ninja Turtle outfits and demanding some of your precious delicacies. Maybe it’s not always the most convenient or cost effective time of the year, but [...] More »