TRUCKIN’ FAST PowerStroke F-250 Tears It Up


This week’s Truckin’ Fast video takes us to the obstacle course of the West Georgia Mud Park where a short cab, short bed Ford F-250 packing a monster PowerStroke diesel is tearing through the grueling gauntlet. In the comments, they say that this F-250 is “mostly stock”, but based on the stack pouring smoke from [...] More »

HUMP DAY JUMP A Packed F-250 Diesel Takes Off!


Now, we’ve seen trucks fly plenty of times. Sometimes it’s for the best, and results in a fun and enjoyable time. Other times there are more repairs and whiplash than it’s worth for the driver of the Ford. This video shows a 2001 Ford F-250 Powerstroke flying off a massive ramp and on its way [...] More »

The Ultimate Towing Machine: Ford F-450


There was only one way to remain on top of the best-selling truck lists and that is to be the best at towing for the updated F-450. With Ford Trucks going through the new SAE J2807 Standard of Towing test, Ford proves that it features the Best in Class towing capability with a standard that [...] More »