The “Official Luxury Vehicle” of the Dallas Cowboys Should Have a Pickup Truck


In Texas, pickup trucks are all things to all people. Lincoln is now the official luxury car of the Cowboys. Seems like they should have a luxury pickup.

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Got Monday Blues? Watch this Ford Truck-Wash Video – NSFW

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.34.29 PM

Let’s face it, Mondays suck. Especially if you partied a little and drank a few more beers than you should’ve. But that’s okay, because this video might cure your Monday hangover.

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This Rotisserie Restored 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger is a Rare Beast


A rotisserie restoration is not uncommon on rare muscle cars, priceless classic sports cars, and even the occasional pre-60’s truck. But on a 1978 Ranger? Well, now we’ve seen at least one.

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Attention Business Owners: Ford Wants to Overhaul Your Company’s Ugly Logo!


Attention Business Owners! Do you hate your company’s logo? Do you want to improve your company’s image to the public? Are you embarrassed over the ClipArt drawing on your company truck?

  Comments | By - August 29, 2016

This 1931 Roadster Pickup is the Perfect Street Rod – Except for One Thing


Perfection is one of the most subjective words in the English language, especially when it comes to cars. What you might consider as the “perfect” car, another might lament as tasteless junk.

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