Ford GT LM GTE Sebring Testing

We have some new video footage of the Ford GT LM GTE race car being tested at Sebring International Raceway. It sounds bloody insane. Watch!

  Comments | By - August 31, 2015

There’ll Never Be a $15,000 True Compact Pickup Truck

2011_Ford_Ranger_(PX)_XLT_High_Rider_4-door_Super_Cab_utility_(2012-07-14) (1) - Copy

People are getting excited about the rumors that the Ford Ranger will make a return in the coming years.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

Do You Have Ford Explorer Platinum Questions?

The New Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is the country’s best selling sport-utility vehicle. It’s loved by nearly everyone that has driven it, and is completely new for the 2016 model year.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

This is the Ford Bronco You Really Want!

1974_Ford_Bronco_LAMBORGHINI_GREEN-165 (1)

After looking at this, any fears you have of the new Bronco will fade away because you know that you can go out and get the exact Bronco you want.

  Comments | By - August 28, 2015

QUESTION OF THE WEEK What Was the Best Ford Truck SUV You’ve Owned?

2016_Hennessey_VRSUV-1 - Copy

The odds are good that if you are reading this, you have at least one Ford truck or sport utility vehicle and based on industry customer loyalty numbers, the odds are just as good that most of our members have owned more than one Ford truck or SUV.

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