Listen to the 2016 Shelby GT350 Screaming on the Track

Sounds_of_the_Shelby_GT350R_-_YouTube 2

Ford likes to do the slow tease when it comes to launching a new, high-performance automobile. That is very true for the much-anticipated Shelby GT350 and GT350 R Mustangs that are about to go on sale.

  Comments | By - June 2, 2015

This Might Be Why Ford Isn’t Bringing the Ranger Back to the U.S.

2011_Ford_Ranger_(PX)_XLT_High_Rider_4-door_Super_Cab_utility_(2012-07-14) (1) - Copy

A Forbes contributor seems to know why Ford isn’t bringing the Ranger back stateside.

  Comments | By - June 1, 2015

Ford F-150 Production Has Hit Another Snag

KCAP-JOB-ONE _SKV_4100 - Copy

It’s a good thing Ford sells a bajillion F-150s because the company has encountered a few delays in fully capitalizing on that vehicle’s popularity this model year.

  Comments | By - June 1, 2015

Ken Block Headed to Goodwood Festival of Speed


Every year, the Brits host an epic automotive event that brings out some of the most unique, awesome, and fast cars from all over the world. The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a holy pilgrimage for many automotive enthusiasts.

  Comments | By - June 1, 2015

This Customized 1991 Ford Ranger Pickup Can Go Top-Down


GM might have the only domestic midsize trucks on the market right now, but it doesn’t presently offer anything like the 1991 Ford SkyRanger convertible pickup you see here.

  Comments | By - June 1, 2015

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