THIS OLD AD 1982 Ford Courier XLT/5

1982 Ford Truck Ad-620

Wow, who could ever forget the Ford Courier? This old ad for the 1982 Courier XLT/5 Sports Truck is priceless. Check out the grin on the face of the driver. He looks like Robert Redford’s crazy cousin who’s out on a date with Demi Moore – who would have been barely legal that year. And check [...] More »

Epic Chevy Fail – Keep on Ford Truckin’


Here’s a classic example of how much Chevy trucks really suck. This video will make you glad that you own a Ford and feel sorry for those poor unfortunate souls that drive cheaper, unreliable brands. The owner of this customized and modified maroon, monster attempts to jump over a rather tiny lump of dirt. It’s [...] More »

BRAKE TECH New Pads for Your Ford


When you deal with modern disc brakes, you get several options on pad friction material types and how they affect brake performance. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the more popular friction materials and how they affect brake performance, dust, and noise. We’ll also look into the two types of ways [...] More »