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Ford Fans Fight ALS with Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge


Have you completed the ice bucket challenge yet? You may have already seen one of the thousands of videos posted on Facebook and Twitter by regular folks and celebrities dumping buckets of ice on their heads this summer. Why? In order to help fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gerhrig’s Disease, people [...] More »

This Old Ad: The 1972 Ford Ranchero 500


Check out this old ad for the 1972 Ford Ranchero 500. The 2-door coupe/pickup was all the rage back in the day and came with a 302 engine under its sweeping hood and had a spacious 6 1/2-ft. cargo bed. The sixth generation utility/pickup car was redesigned for this year and had a large fish mouth – [...] More »

Truckin Fast: Yellow F-150 Lightning Runs Low 10s

yellow lightning launch wheels up 624

This week’s Truckin Fast video heads to St. Thomas Raceway Park in Sparta, Ontario where we watch what is obviously a heavily modified Ford F-150 SVT Lightning charging down the quarter mile with the quickness. After a solid burnout, this bright yellow F-150 eases to the staging beams and when the lights come down – [...] More »