Ford Aerospace Division: Tanks for the Memories


If you have been following my posts you may have seen that I spent my last three years at Ford (2004-2007) working as an automatic transmission cooling engineer. I also started my engineering career working on cooling. I worked for Chrysler Defense, Inc., as an automatic transmission engineer from 1980-1982. Early in 1982 we were [...] More »

Ecoboost Walks Ram in Dirty Drag Race


Fact: Drag racing is fun. Fact: Mudding is fun. Combining the two feels like the most natural progression there could ever be. It’s almost as natural as a Ford beating a Dodge in a drag race. BOOM. Seriously though, the lift kit on the F-150 definitely helped out a lot. I don’t doubt that the [...] More »

2004 Ranger, Ford GT and Mustang Airbag Recall


58,669 Ford Rangers, GTs and Mustangs have been recalled due to an emergency airbag recall according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In total, 7.8 million vehicles have been affected by this latest round of recalls and the deadly defect numbers seem to be growing. The NHTSA says to act immediately on any recall notices to [...] More »