2001 SVT F-150 Lightning Specifications



    Configuration Longitudinally mounted, single overhead cam, 90-degree Triton™ V-8 supercharged/intercooled, cast iron block, aluminum-alloy heads, forged steel crankshaft
    Bore x Stroke 90mm x 105.6mm
    Displacement 5,410cc (330cid)
    Compression ratio 8.4:1
    Horsepower 380 hp @ 4,750 rpm
    Torque 450 lb.-ft. @ 3,250 rpm
    Specific output 70.2 horsepower per liter
    Redline 5,250 rpm (fuel shut-off @ 5,400 rpm)
    Valvetrain Single overhead camshafts, chain drive, roller finger followers with hydraulic lash adjustment, beehive valve springs, two valves per cylinder
    Intake valves 1 per cylinder, 44.5mm head diameter
    Exhaust valves 1 per cylinder, 36mm head diameter
    Fuel system Sequential electronic fuel injection, premium calibration
    Induction system Pressure-charged with Eaton™ Corporation Generation IV Roots-type supercharger; water-to-air intercooler
    Supercharger 8.0 psi pressure
    Throttle body Dual-bore 57mm
    Mass-air sensor 90mm diameter
    Exhaust manifolds Cast-iron tuned header-style manifold
    Exhaust system Tuned dual exhaust, ceramic-coated dual exhaust tips
    Transmission Four-speed automatic (4R100)
    Drive Shaft 4.5-in. aluminum
    Rear axle 9.75-in. ring gear with limited-slip differential, 3.73:1 ratio
    Gear Ratio Maximum Speed In Gear
    1st 2.71 43 mph (68 km/h)
    2nd 1.53 76 mph (123 km/h)
    3rd 1.00 119 mph (191 km/h)
    4th 0.71 142 mph (228 km/h)
    Reverse 2.176  
    Front Short- and long-arm type, coil springs, tubular gas-charged Bilstein shock absorbers, 31mm solid stabilizer bar
    Rear Solid axle, staggered gas-charged Bilstein shock absorbers, five-leaf springs, 23mm solid stabilizer bar
    Type Recirculating ball, power assist
    Gear ratio 14.0:1
    Turns, lock to lock 3.3
    Turning diameter 44.3 ft.
    Front 12.1 in. (308mm) vented disc, twin-piston caliper
    Rear 13.1 in. (334mm) vented disc, single-piston caliper
    ABS Four-wheel, three-sensor system
    Wheels 18 x 9.5 in., five spoke, cast-aluminum alloy, painted surface
    Tires Goodyear™ Eagle F1-GS™, 295/45ZR-18, unidirectional tread; 235/70R-16 spare tire
    Wheelbase 119.8 in. (3,043mm)
    Length 208 in. (5,283mm)
    Height 70.9 in. (1,801mm)
    Width 79.1 in. (2,009mm)
    Track, f/r 65.3 in. / 65.3 in. (1,661mm / 1,661mm)
    Head room 40.8 in. (1,036mm)
    Leg room 40.9 in. (1,039mm)
    Shoulder room 63.8 in. (1,621mm)
    Hip room 61.0 in. (1,549mm)
    Curb weight 4,670 lb. (2,120 kg)
    Fuel capacity 25 gallons (94.62 liters)
    Weight distribution, f/r 57% / 43%
    800 lb. (363kg)
    Towing capacity 5,000 lb. (2,270kg)
    0-60 mph 5.8 seconds
    Quarter mile 13.9 seconds @ 100 mph
    0-100 km/h 5.9 seconds
    0-100-0 mph 22.0 seconds
    Top speed 142 mph (228 km/h)
    Braking, 60-0 mph 136 ft.
    Braking, 80-0 mph 238 ft.
    80 ft. slalom 63.6 mph
    100 ft. skidpad 0.85g
    Fuel economy (estimated) 13 mpg city 17 mpg highway

    Horsepower and torque numbers are the mean of test results generated according to Society of Automotive Engineers Standard J1349.

    Performance data are generated under closed-course conditions on a test track according to procedure R-403. Observed data are corrected to standard ambient conditions. Vehicle weight is corrected to production curb weight plus 300 pounds.

    Many factors may affect vehicle performance.