2001 F150 SuperCrew Overview

    Product Information 


    2001 Ford F-150 SuperCrew – Opening New Doors

    “The F-150 SuperCrew adds more versatility and innovation to the
    Ford F-Series lineup by offering customers a choice they can’t find
    anywhere else in the full-size pickup market. SuperCrew seats up to
    six adult passengers comfortably, without sacrificing its
    _work-truck capability.” – Gurminder Bedi, Vice
    President, Ford North America Truck

    The new 2001-model Ford F-150 SuperCrew adds a new dimension to
    work- and personal-use trucks. It is the only under-8500-pound
    gross vehicle weight (GVW) truck in its class with four full-size
    doors and a full rear passenger compartment. It also is the only
    pickup on the market with power adjustable pedals. SuperCrew is
    designed for a broad range of buyers who need all the capability of
    a “Built Ford Tough” pickup along with passenger-carrying capacity
    and increased ease of entry and exit. Its 51/2-foot box and
    optional Bed Extender – which creates a total of seven feet of cargo
    carrying capacity – ensures owners can put it to work like any other
    Ford pickup.

    The Tough Truck Design

    Offered in both XLT and Lariat trim levels, the F-150 SuperCrew has
    been designed for consumers who want more interior space without
    compromising the functional capability and versatility of a
    full-size pickup. Its looks reflect the same muscular, aerodynamic
    stance and styling of the current F-150 Regular Cab and SuperCab

    The F-150 SuperCrew is the same overall length as the 139-inch
    _wheel base SuperCab model, which is an advantage when maneuvering
    in tight spaces like parking lots or garages. At the same time it
    offers extra interior space, improving rear passenger comfort.

    Unlike the SuperCab, which has smaller hinged doors that swing out
    from the C-pillar, the SuperCrew has four full-size doors separated
    by a B-pillar on each side, with inside and outside handles on each
    door. It is the same type of system currently available on the
    Super Duty F-Series Crew Cab trucks.

    The Lariat has standard seventeen-inch chromed steel wheels and OWL
    tires, with standard all-season tires on 4×2 models, and all-terrain
    tires on 4×4 models. On XLT, sixteen-inch polished aluminum wheels
    and all-season OWL tires are standard on 4×2 and 4×4 models, while
    all-new seventeen-inch cast aluminum wheels are optional on the 4×4

    SuperCrew Interior

    F-150 SuperCrew boasts 12 inches more cab length than the current
    SuperCab model.

    A front 40/60 bench seat, which seats up to three people, is
    standard. Captain’s Chairs with a floor-mounted center console are

    A standard overhead console in the front of the cab includes a
    compass, outside air temperature gauge and storage areas. An
    optional power moonroof, a pickup truck first in the
    under-8500-pound GVW _segment, also is available.

    A full-size 60/40 split rear seat with a fold-flat capability is
    standard, increasing interior space versatility. It can accommodate
    passengers, bulky loads or a combination of both. The rear seating
    area also features a power point, reading lamps, cup holders and
    door map pockets to increase rear passenger comfort and convenience.

    An optional audio-video entertainment system with VCR is available
    to expand entertainment possibilities for rear passengers.

    The Pickup Box

    The F-150 SuperCrew is, first and foremost, a pickup. SuperCrew’s
    foundation is the chassis of the acclaimed 139-inch wheelbase
    _SuperCab. The pickup box measures 51/2 feet long and is the same
    width at the wheel houses as the rest of the F-150 lineup. Because
    there is no other full-size truck like the F-150 SuperCrew,
    extensive customer research was conducted to gauge reaction to such
    a configuration. The response from work and personal use customers
    was overwhelming. Customers said they truly appreciated the extra
    interior space, not only for people, but for clean, dry and secure
    storage for things such as tools and groceries.

    “Offering a more user friendly, comfortable interior while
    maintaining pickup versatility is a swift answer to a new customer
    demand,” says Al Giombetti, Ford Truck group brand manager. “We’ve
    seen the steady growth in the pickup truck market for several years,
    led, in part, by the personal use area.” For those times when the
    pickup box is called upon for hard work, SuperCrew meets the needs
    of most customers with 44.2 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Standard
    payload of 1,765 pounds is the same as F-150 SuperCab.

    Larger items, such as 4×8 sheets of plywood, fit between the wheel
    houses and can be carried with the tailgate lowered. An optional
    Bed Extender allows more flexibility when transporting large items
    such as lumber, cinder blocks or firewood. The tubular steel bed
    extender is a curved cage unit which attaches to the rear of the
    pickup bed. With the tailgate lowered, the unit pivots from its
    stowed position within the box and locks into place extending the
    load-floor to seven feet. With the tailgate closed the stowed bed
    extender provides a convenient storage area, keeping smaller items
    from sliding around the bed while the truck is in motion. The Bed
    Extender can also be removed, allowing full, unobstructed use of the
    51/2-foot box.

    Convenient All Around

    The F-150 SuperCrew offers standard power adjustable pedals, a
    pickup truck first, designed to improve driver comfort. The brake
    and accelerator pedals can be adjusted up to three inches rearward
    in a horizontal plane from their standard location. This provides
    greater comfort for a wider range of drivers, making F-150 SuperCrew
    even more appealing to a greater number of customers.

    Remote keyless entry for F-150 SuperCrew is standard on Lariat and
    optional on XLT models. This improves convenience for both drivers
    and passengers when they enter or exit the vehicle. Lariat also
    includes a keyless entry keypad as standard equipment for further

    A standard AM/FM radio with a single in-dash CD player satisfies
    customer demand for a full-featured sound system. Also, the new
    enclosed rear storage compartment permits an optional six-disc CD
    player with the standard front split-bench seat. When ordered with
    Captain’s Chairs, the optional six-disc CD player is mounted in the
    floor console.

    F-150 SuperCrew is equipped with three child safety seat tethers,
    located in the back seat, for improved child safety. The tether
    anchors provide parents with an improved method for more securely
    buckling in their child safety seats. Straps which attach to the
    tethers, available through child safety manufacturers, are used to
    supplement the traditional safety belts for securing the child
    safety seats.


    The F-150 SuperCrew offers a choice of two Triton™ V-8 engines –
    both of which meet federal Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standards –
    combined with a proven F-Series 4-speed automatic transmission. The
    two-valve, 4.6-liter SOHC Triton™ V-8 delivers 220 hp at _4,500 rpm.
    Peak torque is 290 lb.-ft. at 3,250 rpm.

    The two-valve, 5.4-liter SOHC Triton™ V-8 delivers a maximum power
    output of 260 hp at 4,500 rpm with torque of 350 lb.-ft. at 2,500

    The drivetrain, chassis and braking systems are adopted from the
    current-model under-8,500-pound GVW F-Series trucks. When properly
    equipped, towing capability is up to 8,000-pounds trailer weight.

    Driving Characteristics

    To accommodate its extra passenger-carrying role, F-150 SuperCrew
    has improved on the excellent ride qualities and interior quietness
    of its F-150 stablemates.

    New body mounts and staggered shock absorbers on the rear suspension
    contribute to improved ride smoothness with less freeway “hop,” and
    reduced noise, vibration and harshness. The standard four-wheel
    anti-lock braking system (ABS) provides an extra measure of control
    in bad weather or emergency braking conditions.

    Electric shift-on-the fly capability with a convenient rotary switch
    allows smooth engagement or disengagement of the transfer case on
    4×4 models.

    The combination of these features deliver F-150 SuperCrew driving
    dynamics that are rugged enough for cargo hauling, yet smooth and
    comfortable for passenger carrying.

    Tough Truck Heritage

    F-150 SuperCrew builds on the F-Series tradition of “Built Ford
    Tough” excellence and high customer acceptance. It extends the
    F-Series range by answering customer demand for more passenger space
    without compromising the pickup truck functionality, capability and

    F-Series has been the best-selling truck for 23 consecutive years,
    and the best-selling vehicle of any kind, car or truck, for the past
    18 years.

    The new 2001 F-150 SuperCrew models will be built at the Kansas City
    Assembly Plant in Missouri and will be on sale at Ford Dealerships
    in February, 2000.