2001 Explorer Sport Trac Overview

    Product Information 


    Explorer Sport Trac: Nothing Else Like It

    “It is all about versatility and innovation. There is nothing else
    like it. The new Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a sport utility
    vehicle for people who live the SUV lifestyle. They like the
    comforts of the interior space, but there are days they wish they
    had more cargo room to haul a muddy mountain bike or pick up a load
    of top soil for the yard. But these people would never own a pickup
    truck – they just don’t need one. Sport Trac is the perfect answer
    to balance the needs of these customers.”
    , President, Ford Division

    Ford is introducing the first sport utility vehicle with an open
    cargo area for added flexibility in the type of gear and stuff it
    can haul.

    The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is an all-new type of sport utility
    vehicle (SUV), based on the best-selling Ford Explorer, which builds
    on Ford’s tradition of tough trucks with innovations designed to
    delight customers.

    Explorer Sport Trac combines the best features of Explorer with more
    cargo-carrying versatility. At the same time, Sport Trac is
    designed to project an adventurous image with a bold styling, inside
    and out, and improved ride and handling – something compact pickups
    with crew cab configurations cannot match.

    The 2001 Explorer Sport Trac features several innovations,

    • The first vehicle with a composite cargo area
    • A
      cargo cage that increases cargo area length and a lockable, hard
      tonneau cover
    • The first power rear window in a truck or SUV
    • A segment exclusive weatherproof 12-volt powerpoint in the open
      cargo area
    • A standard center console that includes a removable

    Customer-led Development

    The Explorer Sport Trac is similar to the Adrenalin concept vehicle
    that Ford introduced in 1996. Due to the overwhelmingly positive
    reaction to the concept, Ford moved to bring a production version to

    “It was such a runaway hit, we actually had to pull it off the show
    circuit because we were afraid the competition would see the crowds
    gathering around and react with a version of their own,” said

    Sport Trac’s versatility is no accident. Ford engineers spent
    several hundred hours with SUV and pickup truck owners to better
    understand how they use the vehicles and to anticipate their future

    The customer research paid off, as a unique customer emerged with a
    set of needs not being met by anything currently on the market. A
    clear message came from SUV owners, who were the most enthusiastic
    about the need for an added open cargo area.

    “Customer input was the driver of this program,” says Steve Ross,
    Explorer Sport Trac chief program engineer. “A lot of SUV customers
    told us they loved the roominess, but they wanted a little more
    versatility to carry more stuff.” Armed with customer feedback, the
    development team turned to the Explorer platform as the ideal
    starting point.

    Chassis Engineered for Ride Comfort

    Explorer Sport Trac is based on the four-door Explorer, with the
    frame lengthened 14.25 inches. Sport Trac’s frame also is 40
    percent laterally stiffer than Explorer’s, with larger brake rotors
    and a specially tuned suspension. The added lateral stiffness –
    which makes the vehicle more agile on and off the road – was
    achieved through additional gussets on the vehicle’s longitudinal
    beams, as well as a new tubular crossmember and thicker frame side

    Ford engineers also worked to reduce unwanted road and engine
    vibration from reaching occupants. This was achieved by using
    urethane body mounts – another Ford first on an SUV – rather than
    the typical solid rubber ones.

    The result is quiet, confident handling and a more balanced ride.
    Even with such refinement, Explorer Sport Trac’s rugged SUV roots
    were never compromised, making off-road travel just as

    Two different types of wheels are available on Explorer Sport Trac.
    A 15-inch silver-painted styled steel wheel with a new P235/75R-15
    all-season Firestone radial tire specifically engineered for
    Explorer Sport Trac and Explorer Sport is standard on 4×2 models.
    On 4×4 models, an all-terrain version of this tire is standard.

    An all-terrain P255/70R-16 Firestone fitted to a 16-inch bright cast
    aluminum, five-spoke wheel is optional on both 4×2 and 4×4 models.
    The Sport Trac’s full-size spare tire, located under the rear of the
    vehicle, comes mounted on a steel wheel.

    Powerful Performance

    Explorer Sport Trac’s 4.0-liter single overhead cam (SOHC) V-6
    engine has refined power for all driving conditions. Rated at 205
    horsepower, the engine is designed to meet Ford’s tough truck
    durability requirements but still be quiet and smooth enough to
    cruise comfortably to a concert or while towing a pair of jet skis.

    Explorer Sport Trac’s powertrain meets California’s Low Emission
    Vehicle (LEV) standards – as do all Ford SUVs in the U.S.

    Explorer Sport Trac’s four-wheel-drive system can be shifted while
    the vehicle is moving, thanks to an electronic shift-on-the-fly
    transfer case with automatic locking hubs. Three drivetrain modes
    can be selected: 2WD for normal driving on clear, dry roads; 4WD
    HIGH, for slippery surfaces at higher speeds; and 4WD LOW for heavy
    snow or deep mud and when driving speeds are lower.

    Sporty, Functional Exterior Design

    Sport Trac’s exterior is clean and purposeful, yet rugged. Its
    aggressive “power-dome” hood flows into a honeycomb platinum-color
    grille flanked by vertical air intakes. The two-tone front bumper
    fascia flows into new sculptured, flared front fenders.

    The upper portion of the bumper is color-keyed to the sheet metal
    with the lower portion molded in a medium titanium accent color.

    Integrated into openings in the bumpers are new optional fog
    lamps and a pair of black tow hooks (standard on 4×4, optional on
    4×2) that add to Explorer Sport Trac’s athletic appearance.

    Also available as a factory-installed option are step bars that run
    the length of the cab. The step area of the bar is covered with a
    skid-resistant coating for increased safety while entering or
    exiting the vehicle. Aggressive-looking black roof rails are
    standard on Sport Trac and give the vehicle a more active
    appearance. When fitted with optional cross bars – available
    through Ford dealerships – the rack has a load capacity of 100

    Cargo Capability Unmatched in a Compact SUV

    The 2001 Explorer Sport Trac is the industry’s first vehicle to have
    an all-composite open cargo area. Made of sheet molded composite
    (SMC) plastic, the open cargo area will never rust and can handle
    whatever owners throw in it or at it. It even survived Ford’s own
    “Rock, Rake and Weight tests.”

    Sport Trac is designed to be just as comfortable carrying groceries
    and six sets of golf clubs in its composite open cargo area as it is
    hauling mountain bikes or 4-by-8-foot sheets of plywood for weekend

    The innovative cargo area provides 29.6 cubic feet of space and is
    20 percent lighter than a steel box, which helps ride and handling
    and fuel economy. Located in the cargo area is a 12-volt powerpoint
    that allows customers to power such items as power tools, electric
    refrigerators or mobile telephones from the rear of the vehicle –
    ideal for those using Explorer Sport Trac for camping and other
    outdoor activities. Ten cargo hooks – six on the outside rail and
    four on the inside of the cargo area – help keep goods in place.

    Also available are a lockable two-piece hard tonneau cover, cargo
    area divider and stainless steel cargo cage.

    The tonneau cover folds from the front or the rear, allowing
    customers to access cargo from the front or rear. The cover
    protects cargo from weather and locks to keep valuables safe and

    An industry-leading innovation is Explorer Sport Trac’s tubular
    stainless steel “cargo cage,” which adds more versatility to the
    cargo area.

    The cargo cage provides 22.6 inches of added cargo room by allowing
    cargo to be secured with the tailgate lowered. The cargo cage locks
    in place on the open tailgate providing a lateral and longitudinal

    When rotated and stored into the cargo area, the cargo cage also
    provides a divider of the cargo area to control movement of small
    items stored in the cargo area.

    Cargo also can be managed through the use of a plastic divider, an
    accessory available from Ford dealers. The divider has latch pins
    that pop into holes in the cargo area, dividing the cargo area into
    two compartments.

    Spacious, Innovative Interior

    Explorer Sport Trac offers a dynamic interior, not just in
    appearance but in the quality of materials used and the overall
    attention to detail.

    Versatility is the key to the interior design of Explorer Sport
    Trac. The flooring is made of a washable, textured composite
    rubber, covered with Berber carpet floor mats. In addition to
    supporting an active lifestyle, the composite flooring also reduces
    cabin noise.

    Seating is designed to comfortably accommodate five adults. Up
    front, new bucket seats, which are more rugged, durable and easy to
    clean, were created specifically for Explorer Sport Trac.

    The instrument panel takes on a bold new look, with white gauge
    faces and titanium accents on the instrument panel and door handles.

    For the active lifestyles of Explorer Sport Trac buyers, a removable
    soft pack bag is stowed under the hinged center armrest. The bag
    can be slung on the shoulder to carry snacks, CDs or bottled water.
    When stored in the vehicle, the bag serves as the storage area of
    the center floor console.

    Standard on Explorer Sport Trac is an AM/FM stereo with a single CD
    player and four premium speakers.

    An 80-watt AM/FM stereo with a six-disc, in-dash CD player is
    available (a new Pioneer™ 290-watt AM/FM stereo will be available in
    fall 2000). When the Leather Comfort Group is ordered, rear seat
    occupants receive a console with independent climate and audio
    controls, two headphone jacks and two cupholders. A control knob
    for the standard power rear window – another industry first – is
    located on the instrument panel. The window is one-touch up and
    down, and features an anti-pinch sensor.

    Comprehensive Safety and Security

    Like all Ford vehicles, safety on the Explorer Sport Trac was a
    priority throughout its development.

    Extensive computer modeling was used to support the overall design
    of the vehicle for crash safety.

    Structural “crumple zones” are designed to help protect the
    passenger compartment during a frontal crash, while side door beams
    help protect occupants in certain side impacts.

    In addition to the vehicle’s inherent safety qualities, features
    include height-adjustable, load-limiting shoulder belts for both the
    driver and passenger seating positions. The height-adjuster allows
    occupants of different heights to position the belt in the most
    comfortable position.

    The load-limiting feature incorporates an energy management system
    that reduces deceleration forces on an occupant during a frontal
    crash. Front-seat occupants are further protected with Second
    _Generation dual air bags. Standard anti-lock brakes (ABS) further
    enhance safety by providing the driver with an improved sense of

    All Explorer Sport Tracs also come equipped with Ford’s Belt-Minder™
    system, designed to remind drivers to buckle up. Child safety seat
    tether anchors are provided at all three locations in the rear seat.

    Explorer Sport Trac also features SecuriLockTM, a passive anti-theft system that
    prevents the vehicle from being started unless a special ignition
    key containing an embedded transponder with the proper code is
    inserted in the ignition.

    Continuing to Lead the SUV Market

    Explorer Sport Trac is the logical evolution of Ford’s dominance in
    sport utility vehicles.

    Sport Trac’s blend of utility and versatility, with style and
    technology, is designed to appeal to a customer with a unique set of
    vehicle needs:

    • Those that like the comfort, safety, and
      image of sport utility vehicles
    • Customers who want a vehicle
      with styling that turns heads
    • People who need a vehicle with
      true off-road capability and room to seat five adults
    • Those
      hauling dirty gear such as wood, gardening supplies, trees, shrubs
      or fishing gear, who don’t like messing up their carpeted SUV


    Explorer Sport Trac is built at Ford’s Louisville, Ky., assembly
    plant – along with the 4-door Explorer and 2-door Explorer Sport.
    Sport Trac goes on sale in late January 2000.