2001 Excursion Overview

    Product Information 



    “The Ford Excursion was added to Ford’s SUV lineup as a 2000 model. It was introduced to address our customers’ desire for a heavier duty SUV – one with outstanding cargo and towing capability and increased seating capacity. Excursion’s ultimate size and premium level of amenities strengthen Ford’s already strong SUV brand image.” – Doug Scott, Ford Division SUV Group marketing manager

    New for 2001

    Excursion’s maximum power goes even higher in 2001. Horse-power on the 7.3L Power Stroker turbo diesel V-8 engine has been increased to 250 and torque has been increased to 505 lb.-ft.

    The Limited series has been upgraded with the addition of power signal mirrors and fog lamps integrated into the front bumper as well as a Nudor leather interior. All Excursion models now have a 6-disc in-dash CD player available. Power adjustable accelerator and brake pedals will be available on all Excursion models later in the model year.

    Power That Is Practical

    Excursion can tow up to 10,000 lbs. when properly equipped, which is a huge advantage for people with large boats, motor-homes and trailers. Excursion’s engines deliver impressive power, with high torque at low rpm. That means Excursion’s pulling power is available at lower speeds – an important factor in towing.

    The 5.4L SOHC Triton™ V-8 engine is
    standard on the 4×2 and delivers 255 horsepower at 4500 rpm and 350 lb.-ft. of
    torque at 2500 rpm. The 6.8L SOHC Triton™ V-10 engine is standard on the 4×4 and optional on the 4×2. It produces 310 horsepower at 4250 rpm and 425 lb.-ft. of torque at 3250 rpm. The 7.3L Power Stroker turbo diesel V-8 engine is optional on all models and produces 250 horsepower at 2600 rpm and 505 lb.-ft. of torque at 1600 rpm.

    Excursion’s 4R100 4-speed automatic transmission also improves towing, especially on hilly terrain. It has an automatic tow-haul feature that uses a computer module to help adjust transmission shift patterns for hills, changes in altitude or when towing heavy loads. A switch on the shift lever locks out the overdrive fourth gear to obtain third-gear braking in downgrades. The transmission also has a standard auxiliary cooler for heavy-duty use. Excursion’s optional electronic shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive system is extremely convenient with a dash-mounted selector switch. There is no shift delay. The operation is virtually silent and the vehicle can be shifted in or out of four-wheel drive at up to 55 mph.

    Not Just Comfort, Ultimate Comfort

    Excursion’s size makes it the perfect fit for customers who have a lot of people and cargo to carry. It will seat up to nine adults very comfortably with excellent head, leg and hip room, along with impressive storage space. In keeping with its size, Excursion has a standard 44-gallon fuel tank, giving it an excellent highway cruising range.

    It’s not just size that makes Excursion such an outstanding cargo vehicle. There are numerous design elements that emphasize convenience. While most SUVs offer either a liftgate or liftglass rear cargo door, Excursion combines both designs into its Tri-Panel Door™ System. The door has a separate liftglass and twin swing-out doors with no pillar in the center to impede vision.

    An overhead console includes auxiliary air conditioning controls, courtesy lights and space for a garage door opener and sunglasses. A mini rear overhead console includes duplicate controls for the auxiliary air conditioning. A cargo net attaches to four cargo tie-down hooks to help secure small items. A floor console (standard on Limited, optional on XLT) includes dual cup holders for front and rear passengers, a forward-mounted clip for holding a notepad and a rear-mounted pen/pencil tray.

    Excursion’s premium image within the SUV segment is solidified by its impressive list of standard equipment, including:

    • Remote Keyless Entry System with driver’s-door keypad
    • Front and rear air conditioning
    • Removable fold-flat third-row bench seat
    • AM/FM/stereo/cassette/single CD player
    • Dual power heated mirrors
    • Electrochromic inside rearview mirror
    • Dual front tow hooks
    • Power windows and door locks
    • 4 power points (5 on Limited models)
    • Roof rack with 200-lb. capacity
    • Standard running boards

    Environmentally Responsible

    Excursion is certified as a Low Emission Vehicle (LEV), meeting the stringent guidelines of California Low Emission Vehicle standards. It emits approximately 50 percent fewer smog-forming hydrocarbon emissions than allowed by U.S. government regulations.

    Excursion also is 83 percent recyclable by weight, and it is manufactured with extensive use of recycled material. For example, the fender shields are made from scrap batteries, side glass frames are made from soda bottles, the accelerator pedal is made out of scrap tires, and an air conditioning case is remanufactured from cotton bale wrappers.