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This sharp 1996 Ranger belongs to list member:

This truck was bought new in May '96 and now has 60,000 trouble free miles on it. 1/4 mile times have not been rated yet. Modifications include:
3.0L V6 engine, manual trans.
Flowmaster custom cat-back dual exuast consisting of 2 three inch pipe exiting the rear with 2 1/4 inch chrome tips.
K&N airfilter
3:55 gears
custom air/intake
Accell plug wires and Motorcraft plt plugs.

This truck will out run the 4.0L Rangers and many (dare I say it) Chevys, and surprises alot of Mustang 5.0L owners. I plan to slightly lower the rear 2'' to obtain a level truck ride and put on some new street tires. Any questions and comments, or any sugestions on power improvement welcome.