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This sporty Ranger Splash 4x4 belongs to list member Jared Knutzen:

Here's his description:

It has all the luxuries: A/C push button 4wheel drive, power everything. It is an standard 4.0L automatic, extended cab.

My licence plates reads INFERNO

It is still somewhat stock, except for a few modifications I have made. When I bought it in April of 96, It had the flames already painted on it. It also had the Lund Stepside, and Lund Luxxus Premier Tonneau cover.

The modifications I have done are mainly Lund products. Staring with:
Lund Taillight covers (slotted)
Lund Sun Visor
Lund Racerback
Lund Shadow (Wiper Cowl)
Other mods include the B.F. Goodrich Radial Mud T.A.'s ( 31x10.5x15)
No lift was needed for the tires
On the interior I have installed a Sony CD player. (soon to be improved)
Also on the interior I have a custom floor carpeting that features a yellow, orange, and red flame in the center.
I had 20% window tinting installed also (illegal)

Future modifications are as followed:
A 8in Skyjacker suspension lift (with a possible body lift)
39.5x15x16 Mickey Thompson tires
New differentials
Lund TailMate
Lund Screenfront
Lund Eclipse extended cab window covers
The previous mods will be installed within the next few months
This next list will be when I get the money.
Starting with a new engine:
A 5.0L or a 5.7L Mustang Cobra engine with all the top of the line components.
Drive train
A Cleaned up undercarrage
The works

It is a daily driver, 365 days a year, all weather vehicle. It is also a show truck. I started going to shows a week after a purchased it. Out of four Competition shows, I have gotten two first place trophies, and one second place trophy. I have plans for one more during the winter if I get accepted.

The Inferno is owned and maintained by Jared Knutzen of Omaha, Nebraska.