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This 1992 F-150 XLT belongs to Bill and Lisa Porter (

The truck has 52K original miles on it and runs like a champ. The truck has a 3" body lift and sports 33-12.50 tires. It is a five speed and is powered by a 5 liter 302 V8. Rear end has 3:55 gears. Aside from the lift and tires the truck is stock as a dog.

My wife affectionately calls it "Moby" because she says it is as big as a blue whale. I however would like to make it a little bigger and have future plans of replacing the body lift with a 6" suspension lift. A 9" rear, 4:10 gears, and a 460 motor are also in the realm of possibilities.

For now I plan to enjoy the extended cab to transport my first child due in May!

Thanks for keeping this website going. It has proven to be very informative and I enjoy checking out the pictures in your gallery.