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This excellant 1978 Ranchero 500 belongs to Chuck Scheer.

I had admired my neighbors one owner Ranchero for several years so when the "for sale" sign appeared in the window in October of '96 I had to have her. She is now back to the original Champagne beige but had been "Earl Scheibed" a bilious bright green. The original 302 2V and C4 have 75 k on them, we get great fuel economy but she's definitely not a burnout queen. She's a little noisy at idle but still purrs on the road. We added dual exhaust; new Crane lifters, push rods and roller rockers from Summit and a set of Firestones. We also Zolatoned the bed; sent the bed trim to Ano-Brite for restoration; spruced up the interior and wired a Secret Audio stereo/CD changer and Sony speakers.

I am gathering the courage to ask another neighbor to sell his derelict '72 (love that front end!). It's in tough shape but these trucks are habit forming. I have two grandsons, that is reason enough to have another.