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This 1978 F-150 4x4 belongs to Robert Younker (

This is the 1978 F-150 short wheel base 4wd. I purchased the truck from my plumber friend who had traded a Honda three wheeler for it. The previous owner had swapped in a 302, 2V for the original 300 and the locals tell me that the truck was at one time to quote one of them, "lifted stupid" to accomodate 44" tires. She now runs on a set of 33"s. The skyjacker kit had been removed when I bought the truck although there are still three inch lift blocks on the rear. I've put a fair bit of work into her since I got her although there is lots left to do. The engine is starting to lag, and the front axle leaks, and paint is a veritable necessity. Show me the money. :) Anyway, she's a lot of fun to drive and has returned my 2 year old son and I home safely every time no matter how deep into the woods we've ventured in our search for big splashes.

Robert Younker
Milton, Nova Scotia